Plastic Free July : 30% off with Mention Me

30 July 2021  |  Admin

Happy International Friendship Day - celebrate and spread the word with 30% off for you and your friends

Loved us for yonks and rave about us to everyone you know (and sometimes don't know all that well....we've all been there!)

Or just had a great experience and know someone else who would appreciate it?

Whatever the reason you want to help us spread the Cheeky love far and wide, we have a deal for you today.

For 24 hours only and to celebrate your besties on International Friendship Day help us spread the word to get your buddies to benefit from going a bit more reusable this Plastic Free July.

Each time you tell a friend about us today, 30th July (using the Mention Me link), not only will your friend get 30% off their first purchase but YOU'LL get 30% off your next one too.

Sign up here and start spreading the Cheeky love. 

Oh and you don't have to choose which of your friends to bestow this tasty discount on.... you can Mention us to as many friends as you like. We'll send them a unique code to use for 30% off their first order with us and once they have purchased, we'll send you a thank you code for 30% off your next purchase too (we'll thank you each time!)

* Your referred friend has until midnight on Friday 6th August to use their code and you'll have until midnight Saturday 14th August to use your thank you code.

So what are you waiting for?

Holler about Cheeky from the rooftops!

We really wouldn't be where we are without you, our fabulous customers x

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