Plastic Free July : Buy Nappy Starter Bundle, get a Nappy Pail

29 July 2021  |  Admin

Today our deal is all about cloth - or reusable - nappies.

Our Cheeky Doodoo poonami proven nappies to be precise.

Give our nappies a go today and when you choose our brilliant value Starter Bundle - including 3 nappies, 1 wrap of your choice, boosters and liners  - you'll get a Nappy Pail (worth £10.95) ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Cheeky Doodoo reusable cloth nappy starter bundle

Brilliant for storing used nappies before wash day

A nappy pail makes soaking simple and clean. Use to dry pail your cloth nappies and more.

**All our offers are exclusive and can't be combined. If you use a discount code, it may override the Free Nappy Pail. You can remove the discount code by clicking on the dustbin icon next to the total in your basket. 


The Nappy Pail will automatically be added to your basket when you add the Starter Bundle. If you choose to return the nappies from this order, the Nappy Pail will no longer be a free product and the value of the Nappy Pail will be deducted from any refunds due.


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