Potty Training for dummies

Thursday, 21 January 2010  |  Admin

My two and a half year old, (F) has been severly potty training resistant. Even though I know you shouldn't compare your kids, I can't help but compare him to his older brother who was out of nappies at 18 months. Smug mummy that I am, I put this down to his wearing cloth nappies and the fact that I'd been popping him on to the potty before bath time since he was a year old. When he did manage to pee, we made a big fuss and this definitely helped.
No2 son didn't get the bathtime potty treatment. Plus although he was wearing cloth nappies, he was in his lovely Itti Bitti nappies and I think the fact that they were more comfortable and slimmer than the Motherease nappies meant that he couldn't be bothered to try to use the potty.
Back in October, I told no2 son that I'd had a letter from Father Christmas and that he wouldn't get any presents unless he was out of nappies and into big boy pants. Although F understood what I was saying, he still point blank refused to sit on the potty and if he had his nappy off would run into another room (always the carpeted one of course!) and wee in there.
Come end-November, I was beginning to panic that I'd have to follow through on my 'no presents' threat - which was obvoiously impossible. So out of slight desperation I ordered Elmo's Potty Time from Amazon - after all for £6 it's worth a try.
We received it on a Wednesday and F watched it for 15 mins before getting bored. On Thursday he watched 20 mins. On Friday and Saturday he watched all 45 mins. On Sunday he got down from the breakfast tabel and when we asked him where he was going he said 'I need to go to the toilet'. So off we went and lo and behold, he wee'd in the toilet for the 1st time. So we tried another 'big boy pants' day and AMAZINGLY he was dry all day. We definitely helped, by asking him every 30 mins whether he needed to go, but by the end of the day he was telling us that he needed a wee.
It took about 10 days for him to start poo'ing in the toilet and of course he still has accidents but we're really chuffed. We're not there yet with nighttime nappies yet, but I may start putting him back into cloth nappies at night to see how we get on...and of course I'll update you.

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