Advance Notice of price rises

19 November 2021  |  Admin

The Bad News - prices will rise from 1st January 2022 - stock up now!

Prices are rising for reusable baby wipes & period pants

You may well have heard about the supply chain issues currently being experienced not just in Britain  but globally.

This has led to significant cost increases all across the board and unfortunately, with effect from 1st January 2022 we will be increasing prices on all products.

We're gutted to have to do this, so just wanted to take a little bit of time to explain why and give some examples.

Shipping costs have quadrupled

A year ago, a 40ft container cost us $4000 to ship, our latest container was almost $18,000.  We also have to pay import duties and taxes on the shipping amount which adds on a further 25%.  That's because due to covid related port closures etc which is causing a worldwide shortage of containers,  and containers sitting on the water for longer.    This has been exacerbated in the UK where Brexit has added huge delays on turnaround of goods both on import and export.

Quayside charges have risen

Due to the lack of HGV drivers, our shipments often arrive but there's no driver available immediately for onwards delivery to us.  That means that sometimes our goods sit on the quayside for a week or two, and we have to pay quayside storage charges for every day.

Road freight costs have risen

Again, due to the lack of HGV drivers, demand has risen, driving costs up.

Electricity and Gas prices have risen globally

Increases in power costs are also impacting costs.  Whilst we have seen 33% increases here in the UK on the price of electricity and gas, this is the same for our suppliers also.  In Turkey where our reusable nappies are made, their electricity prices have risen by 50% over the last 6 months.

Cotton & Fabric costs have increased substantially

Our suppliers have had to pay on average 10% more for yarn and materials.  This is in part due to climate change, which caused a severe drought in Texas, a major cotton manufacturing centre.  This in turn created a shortfall in global cotton production driving costs up across the board.

Over the last year, we have absorbed these costs without raising prices, however that isn't sustainable long-term.

The options we have available were either to raise prices or as other retailers often do, keep the prices the same but reduce the amount of product available for the same price.  For us that might have meant reducing the number of wipes in a kit from 25 to 18 for example.  But that didn't sit well with us, we wanted transparency in why we were raising prices. 

As of 1st January, we'll be increasing prices across the board.

The good news:  Cheeky Wipes & Cheeky Pants are STILL incredibly good value for money

You'll save hundreds of pounds by choosing reusable wipes instead of disposables.

Reusable Baby Wipes Kit - save money and the planet

The leading plastic free brand of disposable wipes costs around £25 for 10 packs of wipes.  

2 packs of wipes per week for 2 years = 208 packs of wipes = £525

Our all-in-one reusable wipes kits will cost between £45 and £50 from 1st January, so that's a massive cost saving of £475!  Even allowing for the costs of laundry (6 extra loads of laundry if washing wipes as part of a mixed washload every other day for 1 year), switching to reusable baby wipes is a massive cost saving.

Cheeky Pants - cracking price (still) with total protection

Period Pants with full protection to front and rear waistband

We know that there are brands of period pants out there retailing at £25 - £30 per pair, which we just think is outrageous.  We want our period proof panties to be priced at a price point which makes them accessible to many people, not just those with cash to burn.

We also know that some High St retailers also offer period underwear which are priced at similar levels to ours, however it's worth comparing the absorbency and protection offered as quite often the High St options don't measure up.  

We pride ourselves on having absorbency to the front and rear waistband as standard on our period pants, not just our heavy flow period pants.  This gives you peace of mind and confidence to go about your day, knowing that you're protected.  

We hope you understand that our decision to review prices.  The team are on hand to answer any questions you might have, but in the meantime, our advice is to stock up at lower prices while you can!



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