Rephrase this: Great for cleaning up poo quickly

Friday, 23 March 2012  |  Admin

By now you all know the main benefits of Cheeky Wipes. They'll save you money, are better for your baby and are better for the environment.However there's one BIG benefit that we don't really mention unless we happen to see you at one of the Baby Shows but it is actually one of the best things about Cheeky Wipes.

I was reminded agin by the lovely Gary on Facebook who said:'Thanks. Awesome product. Which means even after a prune induced explosion not one bit of poo got on me'So we've decided to make more of an effort to tell people about the last benefit of using Cheeky Wipes and we're hoping you can help.Cheeky Wipes make bum changes quicker, easier and cleaner!No smearing.

Poo is messy, stinky stuff. Because they're made from cloth, Cheeky Wipes are really good at getting poo off quickly without smearing it around like disposable wipes can do. They've got a bit of traction you see....

No 'poo on hands'

Because they're thicker than a disposable wipe, you won't put your thumb or finger through the wipe and end up with poo on your hands. Always good.

Three 'wipes' per wipe

First use your cheeky wipes with your hand flat, then fold in half for another wipe. Fold into quarters and you have the last 'polisher' wipe - usually one wipe will do even for a poo.

Competition: We need your help in summarising this benefit into one sentence - if I choose yours, I'll pop you out a £10 voucher!Edited this post to say that I decided to try to show you how much better Cheeky Wipes are by doing a comparison simulated nappy change using peanut butter and marmite. 1 Cheeky Wipe did the job of 7 disposable wipes - twice as quickly!!!



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