Review of Mimijumi Bottles & Itti Bitti Blankets

Tuesday, 27 September 2011  |  Admin

As you know from last week, I just got back from Cologne and brought back some great pressies for my two boys.
Obviously I had to bring gifts for my girls too. Jennie got a giant bottle of bubbles, with a really simple bubble wand that actually looks like it might last rather than snapping and ending up in tears - sorry can't find details of the company to share them, but if I can find them will come back.

Aerin did really well though. She got some of these fabulous 'Booby' bottles from Mimijumi. These bottles are perfect if you want to combine breast and bottle feeding as I've never seen anything that looks as much like a real breast and nipple. In fact at one point I had to ask their deisgner Lukas to stop flicking the teat as it just looked a bit wrong! A lot of care and attention has gone into the design of these bottles. The teats are made from medical grade silicone and the texture of the silicone changes from the 'nipple' end to the breast end. They come in a funky red 'milk carton' too, which is quirky and funny.

But that wasn't all...The lovely Norma at Itti Bitti gave me a gorgeous plush blanket, nappy, wetbag and changing mat in this gorgeous Carnivale fabric. She also let me into a little secret...Itti Bitti are launching a new brand of washable nappies and they look brilliant! They'll be a birth to potty nappy but whereby Itti Bitti are at the luxury end of the market with their fab plush covers, the new brand 'One's and Two's' will feature plain covers (although in a range of colours) and pocket inserts. Really simple with velcro straps and poppers to adjust the sizing, I think they'll fly off the shelves when they launch in December. Watch this space for more info.
I did bring one more item back from Cologne which I'll share with you soon - very 'interesting' for most of you I think...

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