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World Earth Day - #3simpleswaps, #3bigbenefits!


You know we're all about eco swaps here - but eco swaps which are kind to your skin and will also save you money (3 BIG benefits!) And I had a bit of an epiphany when I realised that at this point in time, Cheeky Wipes is about #3simpleswaps which offer #3bigbenefits!

#1:  swap disposable baby wipes for cloth baby wipes

A much simpler swap than people think before taking the plunge, once you've made the switch to cloth baby wipes, you'll never go back (and if you don't believe me, read the reviews!)  Even if you can't quite commit to using them for bums, the amount of wipes you'll save using them just for hands & faces is extraordinary.  We estimate that ONE Cheeky Wipes kit is equivalent to 260 packs of baby wipes which is quite incredible and gives a saving of hundreds of pounds over two years too.  Plus you know EXACTLY what you're putting on your baby's skin.

#2:  swap tampons and disposable period pads for cloth sanitary pads and period pants

I'd like to share my period protection journey with you....

Before children I was a tampons girl for sure.  I didn't know that any reusable alternatives existed (and possibly they didn't to be fair, it was a LONG time ago).  Then I had children and  tampons were no longer my friend.  I'd heard about the mooncup and thought it was the answer to my prayers...but it didn't work for me (there's plenty of people who do get on with it, don't let that put you off trying, my nether regions have never been the same post children) so when I found cloth sanitary pads I was over the moon!  Now we offer two different alternatives, bamboo plush if you need more absorbency, cotton ultrapads if you prefer a thinner pad. However THEN, last year, we discovered period pants. #gamechanger   I love, love, love them.  I tend to wear them in conjunction with a pad on my heavy days as (in all honesty) I can't be arsed to completely disrobe at lunchtime in order to feel fresh again.  But on my lighter days, I wear them by themselves.  BRILLIANT for cycling or sports.  And, no chafing or irritation as you sometimes get from disposables.  We really recommend that you try these out - go for a size or two smaller than you usually wear, as they are US sizes.

#3:  swap cotton wool or makeup removing wipes for reusable makeup removing pads

Again, this a such a simple swap, but it works so well.  Use in conjunction with our organic coconut oil, or your favourite cleanser, they are simple to use:

  • apply the cleanser to your face with your hands - if you use the organic coconut oil, your mascara should just melt
  • run the pad under the hot tap (careful not to burn yourself), then remove the cleanser / coconut oil with the hot pad
  • run the pad under the cold tap and refresh your face

If you use micellar water or similar, then look at out organic cotton eye makeup removing pads which are supersoft and the same size as a cotton wool pad, so perfect for that purpose

Save 25% on EVERYTHING!

From Monday 22nd April until midnight on Thursday 2nd May we're offering 25% discount on all Cheeky Wipes products including:

If you haven't considered cloth wipes or cloth sanitary pads before, listen to what our customers have to say:

"After struggling with cotton wool balls I'll never look back having started using this kit a few days ago. Bamboo terry is so soft on skin yet super effective at cleaning. Customer service out of this world. I thought it was a bit pricey but it's so worth it. No wonder this brand has commandeered the market!!Hannah, Feb 19 

"I love these wipes, speedy delivery over Christmas was very impressive and when they arrived the wipes were much bigger than expected so very easy to clean whole face with one wipe unlike tiny little cotton wool pads! The coconut oil is lovely as a cleaning solution too, such a fab idea! Would recommend! " Rhiannon, Jan 19

"Good quality product at a much better price point than the competitors I know about. I already own 2 pairs of thinx and each pair of thinx costs about as much as the 3 pack of this product. These look just as nice and the quality seems equivalent. They do come up large though. I am usually a size 10-12 and will often size up for pants because I am bottom heavy, I ordered the 8-10 and while they fit ok I think if I ordered again I would even go for the smaller size as they feel a little loose around the leg." Rhian, Apr 19

To take advantage of the offer, simply add the products to your cart and the 25% discount will be deducted at the checkout.


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