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We've decided to end 2019 with a BANG with not just one, but two great offers!

Normally we start the New Year running this offer, but we really want to end 2019 in style and that's with £10 off our best-selling all-in-one cloth baby wipes kits, both the standard 'workhorse' kit which uses white cotton wipes, or our premium kit which has a variety of wipes to choose from.

Not only that...but we've decided to treat you with double offers!  Buy any three bamboo & plush cloth sanitary DAY pads and we'll add another one FREE!


Our all-in-one kits are our 'hero' product, they're what we started Cheeky Wipes with more than 11 years ago.  They're still one of our best-selling products because, quite simply, they make using washable wipes really easy.

The kit came about because Helen, our founder, has suffered from eczema since childhood and has never 'grown out of it' as doctors said she might.  This caused her problems when her eldest son was born almost 16 years ago as she found that using disposable baby wipes really irritated her hands, which at the time were very dry and cracked.

As she was using cloth nappies, it seemed obvious to try cloth wipes and initially Helen cut up an old towel and used these, however within a couple of weeks, they looked like rags for washing the car!  Bit by bit over coming months, Helen worked out how to make using washable wipes EASY and that's how the system developed.  But it wasn't until after her second son suffered a short period in hospital and Helen had to use disposable baby wipes, that she started considering how to make cloth wipes easier for anyone to use.  Cheeky Wipes was the result and she finally launched in October 2008, when she was 37 weeks pregnant with baby number 3!

The Kit makes using cloth wipes easy, no matter whether you use cloth or disposable nappies.  It contains:

  • Fresh wipes box for soaking your clean wipes, ready to use
  • Mucky wipes box which has a handy mesh bag insert which means that you don't have to touch the mucky wipes to add them to the washing machine - bonus! 
  • Fresh wipes essential oil solutions for soaking your clean wipes, which keep the wipes fresh and soothe your baby's skin.  Both oils are helpfully colour coded so that you know which one goes where!   
  • Mucky wipes essential oil - for keeping those dirty wipes smelling fresh.  This contains teatree oil which is also antibacterial
  • Fresh wipes bag for your clean wipes
  • Mucky wipes bag which features a removable mesh bag which again makes washing the dirty wipes really easy 

Our second offer is on our bamboo & plush cloth sanitary pads.  These are just brilliant and if you're a disposable pad users, I think they are a really easy eco switch as they are so much more comfortable to use than disposable sanitary pads which can be stinky and cause chafing.  Our bamboo plush cloth sanitary pads popper closed for discreet carrying and are comfortable and super absorbent.   Washing is easy too, just be sure to wash on a cool or cold wash (30c or lower) as washing at 40c or above will 'set' any bloodstains.

Of course we are massively biased about how great our products are.  But here's some of our favourites customer reviews from over the years - if you look at our product page you'll see more than a thousand reviews of the kit (we've just split the all-in-one kit into two separate products which is why the premium one hasn't got many reviews yet!)

Cloth Sanitary Day Pads

'These are the best thing I ever did for my period!
They are comfortable and I feel secure and safe wearing them. I’m not worried about leaks ever! Once you have got used to them they are amazing. I always suffered with Thrush every period when I used disposable towels. I haven’t had that problem with these. I recommend them to everyone! I feel great that I’m not throwing away any rubbish and plastic every month too.
' Gemma, August 2019

All-in-one cloth baby wipes kits

'These were recommended by a friend and although I wanted them to be great, to be honest I wasn't 100% convinced they'd be clean or hygienic but I was SO WRONG! Absolutely love them! Come out lovely and fresh from washing. Clean and mucky box system works perfectly and my only fault is that I didn't swap to cloth when he was a new born. 100% will recommend to anyone!!!' Ella, April 2014

'Fantastic product! I have been using them on my little one since he was about two weeks old, and I can't sing their praises highly enough! Initially I used them without any oils, then at about 6 or so weeks, I started adding the lavender drops too. My boy has not had a single nappy rash, they are so easy to use and clean, and work extremely well (even with wiping off a tougher-than-most bum cream). They are definitely one of the best baby purchases I made! Thank you for a wonderful product :)' Portia, May 2014

Taking advantage of the offer is EASY!  Just add the all-in-one workhorse kit, or the all-in-one premium kit to your basket and the £10 discount will automatically be applied at the checkout.  Or add any four bamboo & plush cloth sanitary DAY pads and we'll discount you for the 4th pad!  Please note that these offers are EXCLUSIVE and may not work in conjunction with other offers or discount codes.




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