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1 November 2019  |  Admin

Our best selling make up removal cloth pads gently cleanse and polish

Hot Cloth Cleanser - save 20% on luxury reusable makeup removing pads, gift sets and kits 

Luxury Makeup Removing Pads

We're going to say it....Christmas is just around the corner.  We're looking for ways to minimise our eco-impact this year, and thought you might consider it too.  So we're giving you the chance to save 20% on our range of luxury makeup removing pads which are a perfect stocking filler, or our luxury makeup removing gift sets.

Whether you want to save money, or would like to minimise your environmental impact, our luxury makeup removing pads  use just hot water and coconut oil or your favourite cleanser to leave your skin makeup free and moisturised.

Sustainable, reusable gifts

Our luxury makeup removing pads are also available as a gift set and they contain everything you need to get started with hot cloth cleansing.

The gift sets contain:
  • 10 luxury makeup removal pads 
  • Pretty storage tray
  • 50ml organic coconut oil

How to use our luxury reusable makeup removal pads

  • Keep your pads stored dry in the tray, ready to use
  • To cleanse your skin and / or remove your makeup, just smooth a little coconut oil, or your favourite cleanser over your face with your fingertips, gently massaging it in
  • Any mascara you are wearing should just melt
  • Take your clean pad and run under the hot tap until nice and warm
  • Wipe off the coconut oil and any makeup using the hot cloth pad, gently cleansing and polishing your skin 
  • Run a fresh cloth pad under the cold tap and use it to refresh your face and close your pores
  • Pop the used pads into your laundry basket or washing machine, wash and reuse

Luxury Hot Cloth Cleanser Makeup Removal pad reviews

As usual, don't take our word for it, but see what our customers have to say....

'Convenient and kind to the environment, I am loving the make up removal wipes and coconut oil. They are so easy to use, soft on my skin and leave me smelling lovely :-)' Donna, Aug 19

'Brilliant product, works well with my face products and they wash up very well.... Will be ordering more. Very speedy delivery​' Nikki, Sept 19

'I bought these on my quest for reducing waste and to be fair, my expectations were low.  How wrong was I.  They are so soft and so big that you don't need anything else.  I wipe the pad through the coconut oil and hold onto my eye for a couple of seconds, then sweep off the mascara and eyeliner.  When use liquid foundation, I massage coconut oil on my face and wipe off.  Then I repeat my face with a second wipe.  If I only use some powder, one wipe is sufficient.  I never thought coconut oil would take makeup off.  It's amazing.  I'm trying to convert everyone now' Becky, Aug 18


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