Real Nappy Week 2017 - 25% off everything

21 April 2017  |  Admin

Real Nappy Week is upon us again!  You may not have heard of Real Nappy Week, but it runs around the same time as World Earth Day each year, and focuses on considering the impact that we have on the planet and the environment.

There is no doubt that having a baby means that we need more 'stuff' (for feeding / travelling / sleeping / hygiene) but if having a baby is making you rethink your attitude to the environment that doesn't have to mean that you do without for your gorgeous child.  

Using cloth wipes (and / or nappies) is one way that you can really reduce the environmental impact of having a baby - plus you'll save yourself some money and know EXACTLY what you're putting on your baby's skin.  Result!

From Friday 21st April until midnight on Monday 1st May we're celebrating with 25% discount on all Cheeky Wipes products including:

If you haven't considered cloth wipes or cloth sanitary pads before, listen to what our customers have to say:

"Only had my sanitary pads for a couple of weeks but got into the swing of washing and drying them very quickly.  Also love that I have not sent any sanitary waste to landfill!  Will probably purchase more of these products as I'm very satisfied with ease of use​." Philippa, Mar 17

"These are so comfy and not bulky. I was finding the plasticky feel of disposable pads was starting to really irritate down there but these are so soft, so much better. I find as long as I put the nape of the fabric the right way round they don't move much and after use I soak them in water with some dettol, rinse then throw them all in the washing machine on a cool wash. Find the bamboo washes up brilliantly.Ellen, Mar 17

"Some of my old wipes were getting a bit threadbare (already done 3 kids (not all mine!) and onto the 4th!) so I invested in an extra pack. They're lovely and soft, and wipe up even the dirtiest bottom very well." Laura, Mar 17

"I bought this mini kit as we were already using cloth nappies and love it. The wipes smell lovely and they clean really well. There's no extra work as they drop in the bucket and wash with the dirty nappies." Jo, Mar 17

To take advantage of the offer, simply add the products to your cart and the 25% discount will be deducted at the checkout.


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