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2 January 2020  |  Admin

Happy New Year!

We all start the New year with the best of intentions, but how about you start 2020 by making an easy eco switch that will save you money and the planet too?

You might have looked at our all-in-one cloth baby wipes kits before....but this month, we're giving you £10 off all our all-in-one cloth baby wipes kits to tempt you to make the switch.   Or, if you're not in the market for baby wipes, we're giving you 4 bamboo plush cloth sanitary day pads for the price of three.

Not convinced?

'I'm too lazy to use cloth baby wipes.'  We hear this a LOT at baby shows.  But believe me, I've got 4 kids and if using them was a hassle, it just wouldn't get done.  I've got a completely unused iron and ironing board in my under stairs cupboard that will back me up on this!  Using cloth wipes is just a matter of getting into routine.  When you've got a wash going on, every other day, you chuck the dirty wipes into the washing machine and then make up fresh solutions.  Easy.

'Yuck - don't cloth baby wipes mean loads of poo in the washing machine?' There isn't 'loads of poo' in your washing machine.  When you're changing a baby's nappy, the first wipe that you do is with the nappy and that removes most of the poo, to either be chucked with the nappy if you use disposable nappies, or goes down the loo if you use cloth nappies.  And, if you think about it, if your baby have a 'poonami' incident, with poo either going right up their back or down their legs, you would simply wash the babygro.  You wouldn't chuck it out.  Well, most people wouldn't chuck it out...

'I'm using cloth nappies, I'm not sure that I can use cloth baby wipes too....'  This one cracks me up.  If you're using cloth nappies, it's WAY more hassle to dispose of soiled disposable baby wipes rather than just your cloth wipes in with your nappies.  Having cloth bummed myself with 4 kids, trust me on this... 

'£42 seems like a lot of money to spend on baby wipes....'  Well, the good news is that until the end of January, our all-in-one cloth baby wipes kits are on offer and are available from £31.95 for our standard 'workhorse' white cotton terry kit, with our premium wipes kits being just £35.95.  Given that one packet of similar premium disposable wipes costs around £2, we reckon it pays for itself in about 8 weeks.  Which is pretty good.

'Are disposable baby wipes really that bad for the environment?'  Quite aside from the issue of 'fatbergs' where flushed baby wipes create massive stinking sewer blockages - or worse, are swept out to sea creating horrible marine pollution, most baby wipes contain plastic in some form.  Even 'biodegradable' wipes are only biodegradable in compost heaps, never mind if they are stuck in a plastic bag and then go into landfill.   Swapping to cloth baby wipes is an easy eco alternative.  Plus you know what exactly you're putting on your baby's precious skin.

And if you're wavering on cloth sanitary pads....

'Yuck, don't cloth sanitary pads smell?'   Nope.  I use them myself along with our period pants and can honestly say that cloth sanitary pads don't smell, unlike disposable pads.  Menstrual blood is sterile upon leaving our body, it's not 'unclean', just a bit of blood.

'But you have to wash them.  My husband won't want my period blood in the washing machine with his shirts'   This one is wrong on so many levels. First off, it's just like washing your knickers if your period arrives a bit earlier than you were expecting.  It's not gallons of blood, it's literally only a few teaspoons over the 5 days of 'average' period.'s YOUR period.  Not your husbands.  Where does he get off telling you how you should deal with it?

'Aren't they really bulky, like wearing a nappy?'  Nope. There's no doubting that cloth sanitary pads are thicker than wearing a standard disposable liner or tampon. Here's me wearing a pad with leggings....can you see it?


And unlike disposable liners, you won't get chafing or 'nappy rash' with cloth sanitary pads as they don't contain the chemicals which can cause irritation for many people.

Taking advantage of these offers is easy. 

Just add 4 bamboo plush cloth sanitary pads, or the all-in-one kit to your basket.  (The pads should all be the same design).  The discount will automatically be applied at the checkout.  This offer is exclusive and may not work in conjunction with other discount codes.  Offer ends 31st January.

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