30% off 50 & 100ml essential oil soaking solutions

1 Comment16 July 2021  |  Admin

Today is day 1 of 4 days of 30% off super saver days and we're starting with 30% off our large bottles of essential oil solutions

Our essential oil wipes solutions are fantastic for soaking both your clean and dirty reusable cloth wipes.  Just a few drops will leave your baby clean and fragrant and help keep your wipes smelling fresh too.

At this fantastic price, you can afford to stock up and the larger bottles will last you ages!

Tea tree & tea tree lemon soaking solution - perfect for soaking dirty cloth baby wipes

Lavender & Chamomile cloth wipes soaking solution - perfect for bums or hands & faces

Citrussy smelling mandarin oil makes a perfect washable wipes soaking solution

Rose & rose geranium essential oil cloth wipes soaking solution

It's easy to take advantage of this offer, the prices already reflect the discounted price so just pop them in your basket. 

Remember to check back tomorrow for our next 30% off daily deal!

**All our offers are exclusive and can't be combined. If you use a discount code, it may override the 30% discount. You can remove the discount code by clicking on the dustbin icon next to the total in your basket.

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