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I'm delighted to be taking part once again in the Friday Club carnival over at Notes from Home. The theme this week is 'Why do you live where you do?' and is another great question.
Like many people, having a baby was a major turning point in our lives. When I fell pregnant with no1 son back in 2004, we were both living and working in central London and lived in a Victorian Terrace in Walthamstow, which was supposedly an 'up and coming' area. I'm not so sure about up and coming but it was cheap compared to most of London and had good transport links into the City. Brilliant for work, but it was a bit of a dump otherwise, with very little green space and lots of those scary yellow police signs asking for witnesses to various crimes.
When one of these signs appeared at the end of our road asking for witnesses to a murder, we decided that enough was enough and that we needed to get out of London but still be within commuting distance for our jobs.
Initially we looked at Brighton and Lewes which are both vibrant communities with great train links for commuting, however they were both outside our budget still. In desperation, with the arrival of no1 son imminent, we jumped at the chance of a new build house in Seaford which is smack bang between Brighton and Eastbourne. The logic was that it would be good in the short term as H's parents live there and it would get us out of London - after all we could always move again....
7 years later and we're still here.
The upside to living in Seaford is the location and the people. The picture above is of the Seven Sisters which is literally a 5 minute walk from my house and forms a stunning part of the new South Downs National Park. Walking up and down Seaford Head was a lovely part of my 'Operation Baby Out' back in March when I was a week overdue with the arrival of my new baby... Seaford has a beautiful seafront too, which never gets as busy as Brighton and is fabulous to run along in any weather. There are lovely forests nearby, heaps of walking and outdoor activities available when the kids are a little older.
The nurseries and primary schools available are excellent, with several rated as 'Outstanding' by Ofsted. We've all made some lovely friends here, and now that I've started the new WI here in Seaford, I do feel like part of the community. It's great to go out for a walk and bump into friends and people you know.
Why would you want leave that, I hear you cry? After all, you've got a nice location, good friends, what more do you want?
Well, the compromise and downside to living in Seaford is also the location. It's a 2 1/2 hour door to door commute for my poor H into London - that 4 1/2 hours a day, or 18 hours a week. And that's a pretty good reason to move - or change job!
And although things are improving, there isn't much in the way of decent restaurants or cafes around, but then I'm quite fussy when it comes to food. That being said though we're spoilt for choice for decent country pubs in the locality, though none worth visiting in the town itself. The high street is also pretty dismal, full of chemists, charity shops and opticians which probably says a lot about the average age of a Seaford resident as there are so many retirees! There aren't any of the usual high street chains aside from WHSmith, Boots and Superdrug which wouldn't be a problem if this was made up for by lots of little boutique-y stores, but it isnt...
So, for the time being we're settled. We've got a lovely house (thanks to 8 months of hard graft) that I can see myself living in for a long time. We've got great friends and family nearby. There's plenty for us to do as a family (but not much for just the adults). Overall, it's pretty good....
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