Things they should tell you about having a baby #2

Tuesday, 7 June 2011  |  Admin

Last week, I looked at breast-feeding and how no-one tells you that it can HURT. Initially anyway, but it does get better...

If the rest of me looked this good, I wouldn't mind my jelly belly...Working backwards a little then. Why did no-one tell me that I'd have a big old wobbly jelly belly for a good while after having my baby. (Maybe forever?) I think I thought that everything would marvellously snap back into place immediately. What a disappointment when I came out of hospital, still looking a good 6 months pregnant. Causing my lovely father-in-law with his usual tact to enquire whether he'd 'be seeing a return to the usual slim and slender Helen' 5 days post-baby. Ouch.
Thank the lord for breast-feeding which soon started contracting everything back down (along with the after-pains, mini-contractions just to keep you on your toes and another little detail which no-one mentioned.)
Two and a bit months in and I still can't even call my tummy a muffin top, more like a blancmange which wobbles disconcertingly like it has a life of it's own. Looking down while I'm put through my paces by the smiling and slightly irritating Jillian Michaels my tummy hangs down, wrinkled and sad, like a forgotten apple at the bottom of the fruit basket.
Long vests and cardi's do their bit to help cover up and protect an unwary public from flashes of white pasty blancmange. But I fear that nothing short of a miracle will get rid of my wobbly tum. Mind you, looking at the lovely Aerin, it's all worthwhile...

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