5 Things you want your children to know about you.

Friday, 25 February 2011  |  Admin

Another interesting topic for the Friday Club over at Notes from Home. This week it's '5 things you want your children to know about you'....
1 - I'll always love you.

No matter how grumpy and cross I am (which at 8 months pregnant is more often thaan not) I still love you. I've loved you all from the second that I knew you were in my tummy, until you popped out and wailed for the first time. I love you even when you're snotty and whingey and when you're grumpy and cross.
I love you when you play together like the Bisto kids and when you fight the bit out over something inconsequential. I'll always love you. Sometimes I might not necessarily like you very much, but I'm sure the feeling is mutual....
2. Mummy knows best and is usually right
You won't appreciate this one for a LONG time. I've only just come to realise this about my Mum in recent years, spectacularly illustrated when she repeatedly pointed out that the reason my 4 week old was crying a LOT was because she was hungry. 'How could that be so' I argued, 'when I am exclusively BF'ing her, as I did her brothers?'. 11 weeks later a bottle of formula switched off my crying child and switched on my lovely baby girl again, proving tht my Mum had been right all along. And she's never once said 'I told you so'.
I look forward to being able to do the same for you some day...
3. Mummy does have a life that doesn't involve you.
I know this one is hard to believe, but I am actually a person in my own right. Aside from being 'Mum' I'm also Helen, wife of D, 'Cheeky Wipes Helen', Helen 'Madam WI president' and just plain old Helen. Sometimes I want and need to do things for all these other Helen's. Sometimes I want / need to do things just for me.
Some of these things might involve not seeing you for a few days (like if I get the chance to go off on a band jolly with Daddy to Glasto for example). But see number 1 for reassurance. It doesn't change how I feel about you, but it makes a lot of difference to how I feel about me.
4. Don't buy me flowers...
Not sure if this one is REALLY for you, or more for Daddy. If you feel the urge to buy me a present, firstly a hug is usually present enough from any of you. If you do fancy splashing some cash, chocolate is always a better idea than flowers. I'm not a flowery person and it's better to spend your hard earned pennies on things which will actually be appreciated. Even a bar of Green & Blacks will do...

5. Repeat no 1.
You don't need to know anything else really....
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