National Weaning Week - switch to reusable wet wipes

4 May 2020  |  Admin

Weaning or feeding time generally with your child is an exciting milestone. Especially the first time you do it.

What will be their favourite food?

What will be the most messy (and can I handle weetabix-caked walls for the foreseeable!?)?

How many pics is it acceptable to post on social media? 

But it can also come with a ton of questions or worries : 

Baby led or Purees?

Pouches or homemade?

When is it real choking or they should be left to it as part of their 'learning and development'?

How do I create good and healthy habits so I don't end up with a child who wants to eat nothing but beige food? 


There's enough to think about, right!?!? Without also worrying about all the mess - and rubbish that comes with it....

I confess weaning time with my second was where I really felt a new consciousness of what I was using (and throwing away - by the bin load!) and, happily, those same wipes are still going strong 18 months on for post eating, post crafts, generally post anything she and my pre schooler get up to.

And it's not just me.

Since 2016, sales of our reusable cloth wipes (both the bums and hands and faces versions) have led to the equivalent of 22m less packets of wipes going to landfill. 

All because of our awesome customers who have made the switch and helped us achieve such a phenomenal figure that we're immensely proud of. (Thank you, all of you! x)

Which is why we wanted to share the idea of reusable wipes with more of you to take one less worry out of your minds and spread the word further at a time when you're perhaps more conscious than most.


For any orders placed between 4th and midnight 10th May, we're giving you £5 off our hands and faces or weaning kits, an incentive - hopefully - to give them a try or even get a 2nd set if you're already a fan.

That's £5 off any of these : 

Full hands and faces kits (includes 25 x washable wipes, storage box, essential oil, out and about bags for fresh and mucky wipes) : 

Option 1 : microfibre (rainbow) - £29.95 

Option 2 : choice of organic or regular cotton, bamboo velour or bamboo terry (rainbow or white) - £32.95 :


Basics kits (includes 25 x washable wipes and storage box - brilliant if you don't need the out and about bags and already have essential oils to hand at home)

Option 1 : microfibre (rainbow) - £18.95 : 

Option 2 : choice of organic or regular cotton, bamboo velour or bamboo terry (rainbow or white) - £23.95 : 


Reusable cloth wipes : awesome for any and every spillage, smear, grubby hand or face (and even the walls, floors or furniture that get a good dose of flung food as part of the fun!)

Whichever option you choose, we guarantee you will

  • Feel better about what you use on your baby's skin (particularly if you or your baby have sensitive or eczema-prone skin; these are the original water wipes with nothing but water and a couple of drops of essential oil all you need)
  • Throw away less disposable wipes to landfill
  • And save yourself tons of money in the process


Here's one of those awesome customers talking about her switch :

"Such an amazing set of products.
With 3 children, I was appalled at the amount of disposable wipes I was using each week so looked for an alternative.
These wipes are fantastic! Perfect for easy everyday use and storage, love the oils and are 10x more effective than disposable wipes.
Love, love, love!"




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