Tomato Ketchup counts as one of your 5 a day, right?

Monday, 31 January 2011  |  Admin

Don't tell anyone but my 2 littl'uns eat tomato ketchup sandwiches at least once a week.
It's J's fault. She was offered ham, cheese or peanut butter sandwiches, but asked for tomato ketchup. I made it for her, thinking that she wouldn't actually eat it but she did. And the bread too.
Given that when she has cheese, ham or any other sort of sandwich she tends to eat the filling and leave the bread, I'm not sure if that's progress or not. And of course when no2 son spotted the opportunity, he bailed in too.
Now, they tend to ask (and be given) tomato ketchup sandwiches for lunch once a week. If it makes it seem any better and less chav-tastic, it's usually on brown bread (or at least 50/50) and it usually comes when they've been eating fruit all morning and is followed up by fruit for pudding.
I can't even say that it's home-made tomato ketchup, made with the tomatoes that we grew together lovingly last summer because it isn't. We moved house before our crop of tomatoes had ripened and had to leave them all behind,sob.
So I admit it. I'm a slummy Mummy.
What do your little ones eat that you don't admit to?

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