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Ultimate Cotton & Velour Cloth Baby Wipes now available

Wednesday, 3 July 2013  |  Admin

New 'Ultimate' Wipes now in stock...

You may have noticed that we've had these on pre-order for a while now, but I've just realised that I hadn't actually told anyone about them!

Our 'Ultimate' wipes are replacing bamboo wipes in the short term (but we hope to have Bamboo back in stock towards the end of the year).  We think they're the Ultimate multi-purpose wipe:


  • supersoft cotton velour on one side for hands & faces
  • cotton terry towelling on the other side for bums



They are priced at £9 for 10, or £18 for 25 and We LOVE them here, so we hope you will too! 

But remember you can add them to a kit HALF-Price (£9) with our July Special Offer... 

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