What to do if your order doesn't arrive.....

Thursday, 22 March 2012  |  Admin

As you know, I do really take customer service seriously and always try to treat customers as I would like to be treated myself however I can sometimes get a BIT frustrated when customers get upset and we've done our best. (That's when you'll hear me muttering over and over again 'the customer is always right, the customer is always right, the customer is always right', through gritted teeth... Items going astray in the post happens once or twice a week but I also get a bit frustrated when we're asked to send out replacements for 'missing' items which are then returned a few weeks later by Royal Mail for not being collected by the customer!I appreciate that it's irritating when parcels don't arrive - from anyone, not just us, so here's my checklist for what to do if any online order doesn't turn up.

1. Check your order confirmation details for expected shipping / delivery date. This is sometimes a tricky one for us as quite often our sagepay confirmations arrive, but our Cheeky Wipes order confirmations hit spam/junk mail folders and with so many customers only checking email on their phone, they don't realise this. Double check that you've used the correct delivery address and post-code and then check to see what the delivery timescales were for your order.If you've chosen our free second class delivery for example, then you can expect this to take up to 10 working days, depending on when you placed your order (orders on a Friday afternoon for example will go the following Monday and can then take 6 - 7 working days for Royal Mail to deliver). Obviously if you want it quicker you can pay the extra for first class delivery but we prefer to keep our pricing transparent which lets YOU control how urgently you receive your goods.

2. Contact the company to check on the dispatch Sometimes things do go wrong, so just drop the company a line to double-check that your order has been dispatched. They should be able to tell you when it was sent and then if it is likely to arrive shortly (or not).

3. Go to your local post office collection point and ask if they are holding your parcel. I know this is a ball-ache but we get at least one parcel a week returned to us for non-collection yet often the customer swears that they haven't received a note through the door from the postman. Please, please go to your local post office and just ask. We're really not trying to be difficult but often confusion arises if there's a few items being delivered at the same time.

4. If there's still no sign of it, go back to the company again We will always send a replacement order out if your goods aren't received, however in order for us to claim back from Royal Mail, you need to confirm that you haven't received your order 15 working days after it was sent, which means another trip down to the post office collection point. Sorry.In an ideal world this wouldn't happen of course because companies would never stuff up, Royal Mail would never lose goods and customers would always be 'in' to receive their orders but unfortunately we don't live in an ideal world. So if you order goods online, remember to follow our checklist and hopefully you'll get things resolved without stress on either side!

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