Who needs a magic wand when you're a mummy?

Wednesday, 16 June 2010  |  Admin

Inspiration today from Josie over at Sleep is for the Weak and The Moiderer who wrote a lovely piece about being a 'magic mummy'.
I too am a 'magic mummy'. I can do better magic than Harry Potter, Dumbledore or Gandalf.
And I can prove it. On any given day, come to my house and watch me conjure:
a scrumptious meal from two limp spring onions and some leftover chickenmissing toys / laptop chargers / cuddlies from thin air
Each morning watch me transform:
three sleepy, scruffy, semi-naked monkeys with bedhair into three beautifully attired, smiling faced cherubs, ready for nursery and school
Each evening watch me as I do my disappearing act:
making all the mess of the day (toys, odd socks, random plasters, single piecs of jigsaw) vanish into it's rightful place...and the biggest disappearing act of them all, is me off to bed by 10pm because I'm knackered!

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