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Wonderland Bags was founded by me Helen Deehan, not forgetting a little (o.k a lot) of help from my husband Johnny. 

On the arrival of our twins in 2012 we suddenly had 3 boys under 3. I thought we took a lot out and about with one child but three was like a military operation!  I tried bags designed for larger families, usually marketed as twin mum bags but I was still finding myself carrying more than one bag when out and about. 

We came at the design from a different angle, rather than turning a handbag into a bag suitable for going out with children we looked at what other friends and I needed to carry out and about. 

We quickly realised that depth in a bag really matters, it helps you pack easily and in a hurry, allowing you to carry far more than your average bag. 

We then set out to design a bag that would work well for play dates, short trips, days out, overnight stays, kids in nursery or at a childminder, hospital trips plus be perfect for the kids clubs like swimming. 

With so many bags targeting parents on the market we questioned whether we were were going to create something that met all our criteria. 

After months of researching, designing, sourcing and not to mention product testing with other parents, the feedback was fantastic and so the Wonderland brand was born.....


Wonderland BIG One & LITTLE One bags are designed for making life easier when out & about with multiple children. Designed to carry what you need, when you need it and easily find what you need when out and about. 

The bags features 2 large side pockets perfect for wetwipes, bottles, muslins, food, dummies, you know those things you need so quickly to avoid a meltdown! At the back of the bag there is a pocket just for parents, to keep all your things separate to the kids. The rest of the pockets are all inside the bag, with a toddler in tow I found too many outside pockets were a temptation for little hands! The bag opens either at the top; giving you access to all the internal side pockets and wetbag plus items in the top. Or the bag opens all the way, allowing you to get at thosethings at the bottom of the bag without unpacking everything! The angled shape gives you a bit if extra space at the top, ideal when you need to just pop something in the bag that wasn't in there already. We also have a detachable wetbag in the top of the bag, perfect for dirty clothes or nappies.

The Wonderland Big One & Little One bags are designed to maximise space, perfect as any family grows.  Styled to provide an amazing amount of internal space without looking overly large or unwieldy. The use of bright & bold colours means both parents are happy to carry it, and looks great even if your children are older.  It's made from Acrylic Canvas, a very durable and forgiving material. It's also fully lined with a military grade nylon, plus the base of the bag is solid with rubber feet. Our bags are Made here in Britain, the fabrics of each bag are hand cut and will be machine stitched by one person. All these elements are part of designing and making a bag that will last years.

Wonderland Bags retail from £145 and are initially available in 4 colours Purple, Green, Red & Blue. They can be purchased at CHEEKYWIPES fans can use code cheeky25 to get 25% off the RRP. The discount code is valid until midnight 31st August 2015, subject to stock availability, it can only be used on full price items and not in conjunction with other offers, codes or sale items. You can find out more at