You've made my day!

Thursday, 4 March 2010  |  Admin

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I sat down at my desk this morning and started working my way back through my emails, only to stop at this one:
'I'm another happy customer! I bought my Cheeky Wipes kit from Born in Bristol on the morning of the day my son arrived and I just wanted to write and tell you that I love, love, love our Cheeky Wipes! I am actually sad that they weren't around for our first and second children. My third child is now 4 weeks old and we have used these wipes from the start. Even my husband who was a totally paid up disposable wipe fan has been converted and uses / raves about them. What a fantastic idea and well worth every penny.',Natalie F
This has absolutely made my day! As you all know (whether you work for someone else, work for yourself, or are a stay at home parent) it's hard keeping your head down to the daily grind. Feedback like this is just amazing, really motivating and reminding us again why we do what we do.
This particular piece of feedback is even more amazing because the lady in question has just had her third baby, so how she found the time to sit down at a PC and drop me a note is astonishing.
So, this is a plea to anyone reading this blog. If you've had good service anywhere, or found a fabulous new product, then spare 5 mins to let the people behind it know. It will be appreciated and you might even get a little something out of it yourself!

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