Zero Waste Week - switch to Cloth Baby Wipes

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Zero Waste Week - what 1 more thing could you do?

It's Zero Waste Week, from 1st till 7th September and here at Cheeky Wipes we're helping you decide what 'one more thing' could you do, to reduce waste?

Switch to cloth baby wipes

If you currently use disposable baby wipes, or cotton wool and water, why not switch to cloth baby wipes?  Cheeky Wipes use just water and a tiny drop of essential oil to gently cleanse your baby, so are perfect for looking after your child's gorgeous skin.  They're eco-friendly too, reducing landfill and can be reused again and again.  

What's more they don't create mountains of washing either - washing a full pack of 25 wipes every other day as part of a 7kg load creates just 6 additional loads of washing over the course of a year.

Our washable baby wipes kit makes it hassle free too, whether you're at home or out and about.  Plus switching to washable wipes saves you money, possibly hundreds of pounds depending on  your disposable wipes usage!

Cheeky Wipes have also made nappy changing so much quicker and easier through using the cloth baby wipes. In the video below you will see how one Cheeky Wipe has done the same job as what 7 disposable wipes would do!

 disposable wipes!

Think about it - is this one more thing that you COULD do?

We have a wide range of cloth baby wipes available on our website, in different styles, colours and quantities. We’ve all made the switch, so now it's your turn! Visit here to browse our selection. 

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