Cheeky Mama Cloth Sanitary Pad FULL KitsCheeky Mama Cloth Sanitary Pad FULL KitsCheeky Mama Cloth Sanitary Pad FULL Kits
Cheeky Mama Cloth Sanitary Pad FULL KitsCheeky Mama Cloth Sanitary Pad FULL Kits
Cheeky Mama Cloth Sanitary Pad FULL Kits

Cheeky Mama Cloth Sanitary Pad FULL Kits

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Released 31/03/2019  

Released 31/03/2019

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15th February - CSP Full kits are on PREORDER for delivery end March, find out why here...


Our Cheeky Mama Cloth Sanitary Pad full kits contain:

Optional: Add some reusable intimate wipes or a double wetbag to keep your clean and dirty pads and wipes in or for using out and about

What's the difference between these and the cotton pads? The bamboo minky pads are made of bamboo viscose or charcoal microfleece with a minky outer, being manmade materials, these tend to be a little warmer to wear than the cotton pads. The bamboo minky pads are also slightly thicker and therefore more absorbent than cotton pads, so if your periods are on the heavy side, we'd recommend the bamboo minky rather than the cotton.

Minky pad kits contain 10 pads in different colours, cotton & organic cotton pad kits all 10 pads will be the same design. TRIAL packs contain a mixture of fabrics / patterns which varies.

Care Instructions:  Wash at 20c or 30c, warm washing sets blood stains and can damage your pads.  Line dry, reshape whilst damp.

Cheeky Mama Cloth Sanitary Pads are an eco-friendly, healthier, more cost effective alternative to disposable pads. For those new to cloth sanitary pads (csp) the concept can be a little “Ew!” but to be honest using cloth as opposed to disposables is more comfortable. Because they are so much more absorbent, moisture is drawn into the pad, leaving you feeling fresher for longer.

Disposables have to contain lots of nasty toxic chemicals, dioxins and gels to enable them to be absorbent, which can lead to sensitive skin, irritation and thrush. Bamboo however, has a natural antibacterial quality and because it allows your skin to breath, can potentially reduce the risk of yeast infections and discomfort.

Of course it goes without saying that cloth pads will cost a fraction of what you would be spending on disposables each month which just end up sitting in landfill! If you're new to all this (or just new to Cheeky Mama's) then read our top tips on how to use Cheeky Mama Cloth Pads, plus how to care for your Cheeky Mama Cloth Pads - it couldn't be easier!

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Great starter kit
Friday, 15 February 2019  | 

After looking at different ways to be more environmentally friendly I decided to change to reusable pads. I love the pattern and the pads are comfortable. I haven't yet used them for a period, so I can't comment how well they work. I am having an issue with them staying in place. Not sure how to get round this to avoid leaks?

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Friday, 15 February 2019  | 

Much better than expected so far. Have only washed them once. Am hoping they’ll last.
Nicely packed and presented. Slightly slow service after order.

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Starter kit
Tuesday, 12 February 2019  | 

I brought the starter kit after I found out I was having allergic reactions to shop brought pads. I am no stranger to reusable products like nappies for my kiddies and a reusable cup for my period. But I needed to find something for when I don’t want items up ones lady bits. After searching many site I found Cheeky wipes are uk products which is a must from me and also they looked a good product from the pictures too. true to there words the products are great, soft and comfortable. They absorb so much more than I thought, and don’t leak. If you follow the correct way to use and wash them they are a great product. The materials are top quality, stitching is amazing, full credit to whoever makes them. (I would love to learn how you make them).
Here’s the a funny story to add to this review. I recently got into a new relationship and at some point Mother Nature is gonna come and get in the way. Well she did and as normal used my pads, washed them and put them to dry. My new man found them before I had chance to put them away and this is what he said. “ I was cleaning up for you and I was a little taken back by all these cute mattresses hanging up to dry, are they for your guinea pigs to sleep on”. I was laughing my head off so much. I did explain they are my pads for my periods. I thought he was gonna freak out but his reaction was “ they are so soft I feel I can still cradle your bum with this on and not feel like I’m holding a disposable nappy”.
My heart melted, a man as cool with reusable as much as me! He still calls the mattresses lol, just love it!

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A new beginning
Wednesday, 12 December 2018  | 

I bought this as I'm starting my venture in to reusable pads to lower the amount of plastic waste I'm responsible for. The pads were so soft, no leaks, easy to fold up and secure when dirty, wet dry bag and mucky box very useful. Lovely products. I would only suggest to cheeky wipes to provide direction about what the essential oils are for and how much to use (as I looked in the leaflets provided and couldn't see it)

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Inconsistent design
Friday, 7 December 2018  | 

In the set I bought, some sizes the knap of the fabric is one way round and the other way for others.

I previously mentioned this problem when I bought a sample few, and was assured that was an unfortunate oversight and would be checked on new stock.

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Comfortable looking
Monday, 5 November 2018  | 

I have yet to use them but they look great, appear quite comfortable.

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very easy to use
Monday, 22 October 2018  | 

I bought washable sanitary pads more for comfort and in a hope to reduce sweat and odour caused by plastic based disposable pads. The fleece top layer is very comfortable but a little warm/sweaty but I must say does not produce the odour I find I have to put up with every month with disposable pads. The pads are discreet and secure. They are easy to wash keeping them together in the drawstring bag provided with the 'Mucky Tub'. I found the pads dry very quickly as well. There was no leakage. Overall I am very happy with the product.

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Monday, 8 October 2018  | 

Of course I was worried that reusable pads wouldn't be absorbent enough. It turns out that these are amazing.
Rather than have a bin overflowing with sanitary products, I have a discreet mucky container under the vanity basin and no one sees it.
The pads are easy to wash. Haven't had trouble washing under 40 degrees and they just go in with a normal load. They dry really easy so you could make one kit last the whole duration of "ladies week".
I haven't changed my routine at all. These pads aren't scared of exercise. Say goodbye to pad rash and just the general feeling that your skin's not breathing. At work, I use the disabled toilet so I can privately rinse at the sink without people freaking out (top tip for you there!). They store easily in a double wetbag when you're out and about so you can chuck them in the machine/mucky box later. Hasn't been any hassle!
Sometimes I've had to make a slight readjustment but the info explained that when I bought them.
I must also point out that these are the most comfortable sanitary pads I have ever worn. Ever! And I've been a VIP at ladies week for 15 years.
I wish these existed when I was a teenager. I'll never go back to disposables if I can help it. They really are amazing. If I'd had trouble with the absorbency, I would have tried a different washable pad before I went back to disposable.

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Thursday, 21 June 2018  | 

I am on my second month of using these pads and I am loving them! The nighttime pads are particularly good - I used to worry so much about wings slipping and the pad folding but there are no such worries with the Cheeky Mama pads. They are super-absorbent and you definitely don't get the same smell as with disposable pads, even in the warm weather. The Mucky box is great also, no smell in the bathroom. The only reason I haven't given 5 stars is that, like some other users, I have experienced slippage with the smaller pads. Changing knickers, swapping the pad around etc have worked with the daytime pads but I'm still having a few problems with the lighter/pantyliner pads. Not to the point where I'm leaking but it is a bit annoying. Nevertheless I will be recommending Cheeky Mama pads to my friends!

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Thursday, 17 May 2018  | 

I wish I knew about these before I gave birth! I bought these 3 months after I had my baby. They're so soft and easy to use. I have lots after buying a few extras. The box is discreet and easy to use and chuck the mesh in the wash. So much better than disposables.

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Featured Reviews
So comfy!!
Saturday, 16 February 2019  |  Rachel

So I wore these for the first time last night; the first night of my period which is my super heavy night....

Firstly, it felt SO comfy to go to bed without any pads on at all!
(I switched to washable pads about 2 years ago, which was already a huge improvement on the plasticy disposable ones, but I still ended up doubling up on this night of my period just to get the length to cover all the way back far enough to stop any leakages).

The absorbent area on these goes all the way to the waistline at the back on these so complete coverages. No leaks, even coped with clots, all night, 8 hours in total. These are a game changer!!

I'm staying overnight at a friend's house this evening and normally I might be worried about leaks, but I've packed my second pair and know there's nothing to worry about.

Also, excellent customer service AS ALWAYS when I had a query about my order.

Thank you!!

Bikini Period Pants
Thursday, 14 February 2019  |  Jennifer

These bikini style period pants have been great. True to size. I use them as a back up for my menstrual cup. Great for the gym as I wanted a back up more discreet than my cloth pads. You wouldn’t even know these weren’t normal pants. Only a 4 star as I feel the actual absorption part should come right up the front, so I don’t believe these would be much use for front bleeders (I wouldn’t be able to use them as my only sanitary protection) I also feel that these would only be suitable for light-medium flow periods due to how thin the protection is. I have a very very heavy flow, so I use a very long, thick cloth pads as back up for night time and these pants have held it in place perfectly.

Lovely feel, no leaks, I am ordering 3
Tuesday, 12 February 2019  |  Onicah

These were very comfortable and I am placing my order for 3,

I'm a convert
Tuesday, 12 February 2019  |  Jess

It's fair to say I was a bit of a skeptic, and a late comer to these - I have a 3yr old and a 1yr old and was happy with my biodegrable wipes, but on the basis they come wrapped in plastic I thought I'd give cheeky wipes a go as part of a drive to reduce my single use plastics.

I am super happy with the product (in my case the towelling starter set) and have made everyone who comes to my house smell them (!!) but in the interests of balance here are the pros & cons for me!

It takes a bit of thinking to work out where to keep them to have them to hand when you need them
I can see that they could become addictive and I may end up buying lots more!!

Really easy to use, and really effective - whether on bums or faces
Straightforward to wash & dry (since I am doing this most days anyway)
Amazing smelling essential oils - no unpleasant smells AT ALL from the mucky box
I purchased them with £10 off in the sale - represents real value for money at this price point
Come up clean following a wash - no alarming staining (yet)

So comfy you forget you're wearing them
Wednesday, 6 February 2019  |  Samantha

I ordered the 10-12 which is my usual size and they fit perfectly, just like normal underwear. So much more comfortable than wearing a pad and so good to know I won't be sending pads to landfill every month.

Another fantastic product
Friday, 1 February 2019  |  Jessica

The Bikini Sports Style pants are just brilliant. I ordered a size smaller and they fit perfectly. They feel great and absolutely do what they should. I now own 6 pairs of pants and a mixed selection of the pads - this has been a period game changer! Thank you guys at cheeky wipes

Great product, comfy to wear
Sunday, 27 January 2019  |  Alexandra

My first time with cloth san pads and after learning to put them on the right way round so they don't slip! I've found them reliable, comfy and easy to wash. I can see these being a little warm in summer so have also ordered the cotton version to try out.

So comfy
Sunday, 20 January 2019  |  Bridget

I suffer from "oops" moments due to a complete lack of oestrogen thanks to the joy of breast cancer and oestrogen blocking pills for the last 14 years. I find I need to use pads/panty liners most days (when I am going out) just to feel confident. My skin is red raw in the "lady regions". A few days of these combined with the alternative toilet paper kit and my skin has already improved loads. Nowhere near as sore and no longer bleeding. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Brilliant.

Sunday, 20 January 2019  |  Bridget

I tried these with some trepidation... !! I have had breast cancer twice (yes, bit greedy of me - once should have been enough). I have been on oestrogen blocking pills for the past 14 years. This has caused dry, sore, cracked and bleeding skin in the whole "downstairs" department. These wipes are fantastic. They really are not at all "yuk". Within just a few days my skin is so much better - no bleeding to start with. I haven't quite gone the whole hog and given up toilet paper completely! 1 wipe with that and then the rest with these brilliant wipes. Cannot recommend them highly enough. Also now using cloth sanitary pads for "oops" moments.

Wednesday, 19 December 2018  |  Bec

With the multitude of options for reusable sanitary towels I went with cheeky wipes due to them being UK based, lovely designs and the 'family business' approach. I am very happy with my decision!
My enquiries were answered quickly and helpfully by a friendly, genuine person.
The pads themselves are very comfortable and absorbant.
If you have a heavy flow you can certainly run through but if you change every few hours it shouldn't happen.
So much more comfortable than any disposables I've used (including organic cotton). I bought the cotton fabric and the bamboo minky to see how they compared.. I was worried the minky may be slight sweaty but not at all. The terry bamboo is so soft and very absorbant. I will definitely be recommending to friends + family!