BeeBee & Leaf Food Wrap - Sandwich Wrap
 BeeBee & Leaf Food Wrap - Sandwich WrapBeeBee & Leaf Food Wrap - Sandwich Wrap 

BeeBee & Leaf Food Wrap - Sandwich Wrap

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We are very excited to be stocking BeeBee & Leaf wraps! We love their ethos to make planet-friendly alternatives to every day products.

Keys? Phone? Purse? Plastic free lunch?  Check!

The Sandwich Pack: 2 Large Wraps 33 x 33 cm

BeeBee & Leaf vegan sandwich wraps are perfect for sandwiches and making large pouches. Wrap your sandwich with one, create a pouch of crisps or nuts with the other and you've got a lunch to go!

Clearance and discontinued items cannot be refunded

Our top five reasons why you should make the switch to BeeBee & Leaf beeswax food wraps:

  • Stop plastic pollution - BeeBee's are your plastic free, planet friendly alternative to clingfilm. Being compostable they are zero waste helping to reduce plastic pollution towards a more sustainable life. 
  • Organic - The 'GOTS' certified organic cotton is better for the planet, for your food and for you. With no pesticides or toxic dyes your food is wrapped in organic love!
  • Beautiful - The 'Eco' option should be fun and inspiring, not bland and boring. 
  • Fresh food for longer - BeeBee beeswax food wraps store your bread fresher than plastic ever could, slow the browning of your avocados, keep salad fresh for a week, house cheese happily without the nasty sweat and give your fruit, veg and leftovers breathing space!
  • Cut food waste - Our breathable seal stops food becoming sweaty, with less moisture your food last longer cutting down on food waste and saving you money!

How are BeeBee wraps made?

Beeswax wraps are handmade using only four sustainably sourced ingredients. Organic cotton is infused with a formula of beeswax, rosin, organic jojoba oil. They are then cut to size and lovingly packed before being delivered to your door or nearest store.

How do BeeBee wraps work?

Using the heat of your hands shape your BeeBee around bowls and food to create a breathable seal. Play around and feel how they are malleable when warm and hold their shape when cold. Avoid using your wrap with raw meat and fish, dishwashers or microwaves.

What can you wrap in a BeeBee wrap?

  • Experiment and try whatever you normally eat!
  • Large wrap is our most versatile as you can always cover wrap food. Try it with cheese, sandwiches, celery, melon, cover leftovers, make pouches for nuts and crisps... endless ideas!
  • Medium wrap is wonderful for small cheeses, children's sandwiches, bowls of leftovers, herbs bundles, pouching up nuts, half a squash. 
  • Small wraps are brilliant for wrapping the end of cucumber, avocado or lemon, they cover jam jars, sauce and milk bottles, make the cutest of all the pouches.
  • *Avoid raw meat and fish. 

Can you reuse BeeBee wraps?

Absolutely! Just give them a wipe or wash them in cold soapy water and they’ll be ready for their next use. If you follow the care instructions, your wraps should last for around a year.

Are BeeBee wraps safe?

All four of the ingredients used to make our beeswax wraps are safe to be used with food. Please do not use if you have any allergies to any of the ingredients.

Can you wrap meat or fish in BeeBee wraps?

Since we recommend the wraps to be washed in cold water, we don't recommend them to be used directly on raw meat or fish just to be safe. What you could do instead though, is store raw meat or fish in a bowl and cover it with a wrap.

Will the smell of certain foods stay on the wrap forever?

Food like onions and smelly cheeses can leave their scent on the wraps, so some people like to commit one wrap to certain foods. Alternatively, you can place your pungent food in a bowl and cover the top with a wrap to avoid the food touching the wrap.

Do BeeBee wraps smell?

The BeeBee fragrance is direct from the hive itself and, like the colour of the wax, changes depending on where the bees have foraged. Some people are sensitive to the scent however it won't affect your food and will diminish with washing.

Who makes BeeBee beeswax wraps?

Team BeeBee hand make all BeeBee beeswax wraps in their workshop in Cambridge. They use state of the art equipment affectionately named Bertha, and Flora. Every wrap is checked for quality a number of times by a member of the team and packed individually, also by hand.

How do I take care of my BeeBee wrap?

Either give them a wipe down or wash them in cold water with eco-friendly soap and then just drip dry.  Some foods might stain your BeeBee Wrap adding to its personality! However, if you prefer not to stain it avoid direct contact with foods that would typically stain clothes on contact, for example, tomatoes, blackcurrants, beetroot etc.

Do BeeBee wraps harm bees?

Our beeswax is sourced from British bees whose keepers adhere to the Bee Farmers Association’s Welfare Code of Conduct supporting robust pollination for our local food system. Bees produce beeswax to store honey and our beekeepers only take the excess honey. Bees will always make honey regardless of how much they need and already have, so taking the excess beeswax with that honey is not detrimental to the hive. However, we completely understand that not everyone is comfortable with using bee-related materials, so please choose the plant based/vegan option.

Are BeeBee wraps vegan?

The Beeswax range of wraps are not vegan because they contain beeswax, If you would like a vegan wrap please choose the plant based/vegan option.

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