Cheeky Baby Wipes Hands & Faces PREMIUM WIPES WEANING Kit

Cheeky Baby Wipes Hands & Faces PREMIUM WIPES WEANING Kit
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Brand:  Cheeky Wipes

If you already use your Cheeky Wipes for bums, but have started weaning, we've created this Cheeky Washable Baby wipes just for you when you're at home!  Use with your existing oils, or soak with water before use and use a squirt of our baby nappy spray, then simply rinse any excess food off and chuck in the washing machine.

We’ve listened to your feedback and improved our v4kits with these fantastic features:

  • Stackable with splash-proof seal to keep your wipes fresher for longer


  • Clip lids help prevent spillages


  •  Save on buying individually!

    Kit contains

    25 - Lovely premium cloth wipes, 15 cm x 15 cm Need help in choosing which wipes are best for you?
    1 - Fresh Baby Wipes container 

     When used on faces and hands, our washable baby wipes can be thrown straight into the washing machine. 

    ***If you're unsure what you need or have any other questions, why not complete our cloth wipes advice questionnaire to receive tailored advice for you***

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    How to use reusable cloth wipes for weaning as seen on Joe Wicks wean in 15Getting Started
    • For 25 wipes, use cold water to fill your ‘Fresh Wipes’ container to approx. 3cm from the top and then add 4 - 5 drops of the ‘Fresh Wipes’ essential oil blend. Pop your lovely soft cloth baby wipes into the ‘Fresh Wipes’ container, then turn the pile of wipes over a couple of times and once they have soaked up all the water...hey presto they’re ready to use! You can then tip out any excess water so they aren't sitting in it. 
    • Use the wipes for faces, hands, whatever needs cleaning!
    • Once you’ve used the wipes, pop straight in the washing machine or a mucky box ready for washing!

    No extra washing…or drying required!

    • Your mucky baby wipes can go straight into the washing machine with your next load of washing – your baby wipes come out spankingly clean. A 30 – 60 degree wash is fine! (only up to 40 with coloured wipes)
    • Washing at 60c once a week (with your towels or bedding for example) or occasionally using an anti-bacterial washing solution will help keep them in tip-top condition.
    • No need to dry them if you're in a hurry, just place them back in the ‘Fresh Wipes’ box with some fresh essential oil solution. However getting them out on the washing line helps keep them hygenic too!

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    Kits - Suitability

    Suitable for All-in-one Kit Hands & Faces Kit Mini kit for
    Cloth Nappy Users*
    Weaning Kit** Toilet Paper
    Alternative Kit

    Bum Wiping

    Hands & Faces Wiping  
    Home Use
    Out and about use    

    *for customers using cloth nappies who already have a nappy bucket and wetbag
    **for customers who already have all-in-one kit

    Kits - Contents

    Contents All-in-one Kit Hands & Faces Kit Mini kit for
    Cloth Nappy Users
    Weaning Kit Toilet Paper
    Alternative Kit
    Mucky Box      
    Fresh Box
    Fresh Wipes
    Out & About Bag
    Mucky Wipes
    Out & About Bag
    Mesh Wash Bag      
    Fresh Wipes Oil  
    Mucky Wipes Oil      
    Number of wipes   25   25   25   25   50
    Wipes Fabric Good for bums?

    Good for
    hands & faces?

    Durability      Softness Wash care
    Premium White Cotton


    Premium Rainbow Cotton


    ORGANIC Premium White Cotton


    ORGANIC Premium Rainbow Cotton


    Natural Bamboo Velour

    60c Good for
    hard water areas

    Rainbow Bamboo Velour

    40c Good for
    hard water areas

    Pastel Bamboo Terry- edged

    40c Good for
    hard water areas

    Natural Bamboo Terry - edged 

    60c Good for
    hard water areas

    • Wash white wipes at 30°C to 60°C​
    • Prints and colours only to 40°C
    • If you prefer not to wash at 60°C, you can use an anti-bac laundry cleanser  which claims to kill 99.9% of germs from just 15°c.

    • You can use fabric softener! Our wipes are soaked before use so it won't make any difference to their absorbency. 

    • You can dry your wipes in between washes - either in the tumble dryer  or on the washing line. Sunshine is nature's own bleach!


    • Never leave the wipes to soak in a solution of bleach/water or harsh stain removers as it will damage them and could irritate skin.


    • Wash dark colours separately.

    • Vegan friendly
    • BPA-Free
    • Oekotex certified
    • Paraban free
    • GOTS certified (Organic Cotton wipes)
    • SLS free


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