Cheeky Wipes Make up removal pads - exfoliatingCheeky Wipes Make up removal pads - exfoliating 
Cheeky Wipes Make up removal pads - exfoliating

Cheeky Wipes Make up removal pads - exfoliating

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Brand:  Cheeky Wipes

Cheeky Wipes Reusable Make-up Removal Pads - Exfoliating

These pads are slightly smaller than our 'luxury' pads, sized at approximately the size of a cotton wool pad, 8cm.  They're made from double layer bamboo terry which gently exfoliates your skin whilst removing your make up.


  • 10 - double layer bamboo terry makeup removing pads 8cm, choose from black or white 


How to use:

  • Keep the pads stored dry in your box or bag, ready for use
  • To remove make-up, smooth the coconut oil or your favourite cleanser over your face with your fingertips, gently massaging it in
  • Your mascara will literally just melt, without rubbing or pulling
  • run a clean pad under the hot tap 
  • wipe off the coconut oil and makeup using the hot pad 
  • run another pad under the cold tap and gently refresh your face, leaving it clean and moisturised
  • wash pads with next wash and reuse

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Exfoliating pads
Wednesday, 27 March 2019  | 

These are a bit harsh, I'm glad I got the softer ones too.

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Saturday, 23 February 2019  | 

These pads are ok. I bought them to bulk up an order but thought they might be a good alternative to using a flannel every night to wash my face (less material = less washing = less powder = better for environment).
Honestly they are ok, but they do tend to leave black fluff over your face even after a few washes and the stitching on some is already failing. I got the microfibre wipes as a freebie and honestly I love these and have been using these instead, they are great at getting excess oils off your face, I'm afraid the pads have taken a back seat.

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Really good wipes
Monday, 26 November 2018  | 

Great wipes, wish I had brought them earlier.

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Very effective
Saturday, 3 November 2018  | 

I just prefer the bigger sized wipes

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Saturday, 18 August 2018  | 

Recently ordered these wipes and they are amazing, much better than disposable wipes. They are also very versatile, I use them for removing makeup and face masks as well as for cleansing and exfoliating - I think they work better than a flannel for this as they are softer and a better size (no more water running down my sleeve). I ordered 10 but will be ordering more on my next payday since I use them for so many things!.

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Featured Reviews
Mama cloth sanitary pads
Tuesday, 23 April 2019  |  Sophie

Brought this set as a trial after suffering terribly with flooding for years, I LOVE them. The thing I find most impressive is the absorbancy, I would have to change a plastic disposable pad really frequently and was paranoid about the smell, they also made me really sore. All of that has been eliminated by these pads. I was sceptical at first but they are so comfortable, easy to clean and wash and dry quickly I have used them for 2 periods now and I have just invested in a full kit! The night pads in particular are a dream and used with the reusable knickers I'm now able to sleep through a night. So happy and well worth the investment. If unsure go for the starter kit like I did *which is fab by the way* and trial them. Only small point is the double wet bag which comes with the kit is too big for me use while out and about so maybe give the option of selecting a smaller size at the point of ordering?
Love cheeky wipes!!!!

Tuesday, 23 April 2019  |  Sophie

Ok so I was super sceptical of these, HOWEVER after yet another night of flooding the bed I thought id invest in a pair and try them...ÖÖ they are AMAZING, I used them with a night pad and honestly they are super comfortable, I didn't leak through and they washed and dried ready for the next night. I love them so much I've just ordered a 3 pack. I'm telling everyone about them as they have honestly made such a difference to my life. Some things I see people asking about on here that I can answer
1) they don't smell at all, in fact I'm far more conscious when I have to wear a horrible sweaty plastic sanitary pad *yuk*
2) They don't leak, not even a tiny bit and just feel like super comfy knickers
3) if like me you have had to spend years washing out knickers in the sink anyway these wash and clean like a dream.

Amazing product
Tuesday, 23 April 2019  |  Marta

This is the best invention ever made! I finally donít feel guilty in polluting the world with ladies tampons the panties are extremely comfortable, I really donít feel like I am on my period and I donít get any rush or irritation due to sanitary pads, which used to bother my skin a lot! I am a size 8 and I ordered 4/6 thanks to other clients reviews as the size is a bit misleading, so always order a size down from your actual size

Best baby buy
Monday, 22 April 2019  |  Natalie

My favourite purchase. They are so much more efficient than wet wipes, never had to use more than two even with the biggest nappy explosion. Canít recommend them to everyone enough.

Absorbent and easier to manage than you would expect
Saturday, 20 April 2019  |  Sharon

Review of bamboo charcoal pads.

I bought these to try to address cystitis during and after a period. I use a Mooncup with a pad.

The most important thing about using these pads is ensuring your pad is the right way round. If you get it the wrong way it slips back and gets very uncomfortable. I find putting the pad gusset side down on your knee is the most reliable method (except for two of the liners, where the knap of the fabric is sideways). Annoyingly there is no convention as to which wing the label is on, which would have been helpful.

The pads are significantly more absorbent than disposables. You need to change them far less often and donít feel wet if your flow is heavy.

The pads are easy to rinse out and just sit in the water/tea tree oil solution until you are ready to wash them. Incidentally, thatís a much more pleasant aroma in your bathroom than used pads in a bin.

I did find I needed to put them in the wash every day or I would run out of day pads. This leads to loads of just sanitary pads if you donít have much laundry. I found it was difficult to put a small enough dose of powder in for a wash of just 3-4 pads or you get a lot of suds (I am down to half a teaspoon of powder). Itís also important to ensure you use non-bio powder (better for natural fibres) and your wash program has a sufficient number of rinse cycles.

Overall I would recommend these pads but would say it is probably desirable to get another night pad and a couple more day pads to cut down on the washing a bit. I took a star off for the liners with the crossways knap that causes rotation.

Great for bladder weakness too
Monday, 15 April 2019  |  Katie

Iíve been suffering with bladder issues since having chemo for breast cancer and been having to use tenna style pads to avoid frequent knicker and trouser changes etc. But itís been bugging me that while Iím using reusable wipes and nappies on my baby Iím binning non recyclable pads every single day for myself not just at period time.

So I contacted Cheeky Wipes to ask if these sanitary pads would be any good for bladder weakness and they said yes. Eventually I took the plunge and ordered the kit. Iíve been using them for just over a week and they are brilliant.

The pads are so much more comfortable. They donít rub or cause chafing and I donít feel like theyíre upsetting my natural system down there risking thrush as I did with the disposable pads. And of course so much more environmentally friendly.

Iím currently due baby no.2 anytime so Iíll be interested to see how well they perform and wash clean as actual sanitary pads when my period returns.

So comfortable and no leaks
Sunday, 14 April 2019  |  Ashling

The material is soft and makes the pants really comfortable to wear, I wore on my heaviest day and they coped fine, I even went running in them and it wasnít a problem. I only have one pair at the minute but I will definitely be buying more.

Saturday, 13 April 2019  |  Lydia

So happy with this product. Had been wanting to get some period pants for a while but everywhere else I looked they were too pricey. Then found cheeky wipes and you can get 3 pairs for the same price as 1 from somewhere else. Was so happy with the quality; they're so comfortable, look great and are so absorbent. Definitely would recommend!

Great product
Saturday, 13 April 2019  |  Charlotte

I have both styles of period pants from cheeky wipes, I bought the lace top ones initially then after being really pleased with them bought the bikini style.

Personally, I prefer the lace top ones simply because thereís more coverage should you have a spillage. The lace top have full coverage back to front, whereas the sport style has coverage all up the back and some up the front; if the front coverage was just two inches longer then these would be just as good as the lace top ones (for me); if youíre a Ďfront bleederí Iíd recommend the lace top. Iíve decided that this style will be better for me in the last few days of my period, when it isnít as heavy.

Other than that, the quality is excellent, style is lovely, fit is true to size. I read a review which said that they come up big so to size down however I bought 12-14 and they are just right. I wear both pants alone, with no other protection, my periods are a pretty standard flow and Iíve never leaked, they are so comfortable and donít feel wet/ sticky at all! These pants are so easy and have changed my period experiences massively, I love them and tell everyone about them! Thank you Cheeky Wipes!

Sunday, 7 April 2019  |  Karen

So glad to have found these beauties. It's been bothering for me so long about my usage of cotton pads which were as vegan as I could get them. No longer do I have to worry. Only had them for 2 weeks and already can't imagine life without them. They work with all my usual cleansers and are gentle enough round my eyes without worry. I washed them all first before I used them too so they were very plumptious and soft. Yay cheeky wipes - thanks for helping me with my guilt.