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Reusable Wipes provided by families in Childcare Settings

Families Providing Reusable Wipes to their Childcare Setting - how it works

If you're a childcare setting where parents/carers provide you with disposable wipes, why should you consider promoting a change to reusable wipes? 

After all, disposable wipes aren't a cost to the setting and they're easy for staff to use.

However, as educators, don't you have a responsibility to be aware of the limited resources that our planet has including a need to be more sustainable and to reduce waste?   

Plus many parents/carers now rate sustainability as a setting selection criteria.

Benefits of parents/carer providing Cheeky Wipes to your setting

  • Cleaning up is quicker and easier (and you need far fewer!)

  • No chemicals mean they’re much gentler to everyone's skin, including staff

  • Big money savings for parents (£500 over 2 years) at a time when living costs are rising exponentially

  • Kinder to the environment as they help us reduce single use plastics

At Cheeky Wipes we're encouraging childcare settings to take up our challenge of saving 100 million packs of disposable wipes from landfill!

How do Cheeky Wipes work?  

Using the super handy ‘Out and About’ wetbags, wipes can be sent into use with your little one(s) on a daily basis so that they are always fresh and the used ones returned to you at the end of day for washing.

Reusable Wipes offers for parents/carers with children in childcare settings!

Instead of providing disposable wipes:

If parents/carers are unsure what they need or have questions, Cheeky Wipes has a super wipes questionnaire that gives tailored advice to your own situation.  It’s answered by Paula who is an experienced childcare practitioner and has extensive experience of working in childcare settings.

If you’ve got any questions, please feel free to contact us.