Reusable Period Protection Schools

Thanks for taking the time to find out a bit more about reusable period protection. We understand that it's a new concept for lots of people, but it's really quite simple, you just bleed into them - and then wash and reuse! As you would do if your period came early and you had to wash your usual knickers.

‘Reusable period protection? You mean you wash them? That’s DISGUSTING!’

Not really. It’s just a bit of blood which washes out easily from our pads or pants. No big deal. What’s DISGUSTING is the amount of period related waste that ends up in our oceans and on our beaches. Even if you bin your pads, they take 500 to 800 years to decompose which is pretty grim.

‘But how do they work? It’s SO embarrassing if you leak through.’

It’s not rocket science. Both the pants and pads have an inner absorbent layer, waterproof layer and outer layer. They absorb the blood and prevent leaks, keeping you feeling dry and comfortable. They are also brilliant for sports and really comfortable for sleeping in. If you’ve got heavy periods, the pads give you extra protection if you need it, it’s easy to whip out a pad at school rather than change your knickers in a cubicle and no tell-tale rustling of plastic.

‘But how do I use reusable period pants or cloth sanitary pads at school? I don’t want to carry loads of stinky pads or stained pants around school - no way!’

The pads fold up and popper closed and there’s no smell, it’s the chemicals in disposable pads which cause the smell. Our ‘welcome to your period’ kit includes a little carry bag for your clean and dirty pads / pants which makes it easy.

'Actually, tampons are annoying when playing sport as sometimes the string dangles down. And disposable pads rub on the tops of my legs. I guess these are more comfortable?’

Definitely! We all swear by the period pants because you just forget that you’ve got your period and can get on with life. It’s literally just different knickers to wear.

‘Don’t they stain? My parents aren’t going to want to wash loads of stained pads and pants in the washing machine with everything else.’

There is only about 6 teaspoons of blood on average over your whole period, so it’s not a lot! As long as you wash the pads or pants in a cold, long wash (30c or under) they will come out clean. We’ve got storage and cleaning tips on our website.

'I'm not sure what I'll need.  It's really confusing?'

We understand that trying reusable period protection can seem a little bit confusing.  So we've got a tailored questionnaire which will give you a personalised recommendation for what you need, depending on how often your washing goes on, how heavy your periods are and whether you do sport etc?  Alternatively, we've got our fab - Welcome to your period' reusable starter kit or our 'Keep It Simple Starter' reusable period protection starter kit.

‘But aren’t they really expensive? I heard they were £20+ for just one pair of pants?’

We believe that reusable period protection should be good value for money. Our pads start from £3 and our period pants for £10 a pair.