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Cheeky Wipes Double wetbag - PROMO

Cheeky Wipes Double wetbag - PROMO



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Brand:  Cheeky Wipes

Our double wetbags are made from PUL laminated supersoft minky, so they are designed to hold damp wipes, ready for use and mucky wipes/ clothes / nappies in one bag!  

With an integrated carry handle for hanging from your buggy and two zipped compartments, which can simply be wiped out or washed if necessary after use, these cute bags come in three sizes:

  • Mini: 18.5cm wide x 14.5cm high - £5.95
  • Small: 20cm wide x 25cm high - £6.95   
  • Medium: 25cm wide x 30cm high (10 inches x 12 inches) - £7.95
  • Large: 35cm high x 40cm high (14 inches x 16 inches) - £8.95

The small bag is perfect for your clean and dirty wipes - and you could squeeze in a dirty nappy or clothing too.

The medium bag is slightly larger, just big enough for a couple of dirty nappies and your clean and mucky wipes, so is the perfect bag for an afternoon out.

The large bag is a good sized bag for nursery or childminders, as you can comfortably hold 4 - 5 dirty nappies, plus your clean and dirty wipes.

NOTE: we do not recommend putting very wet wipes into your bag, but if you give them a good squeeze out before putting them in the bag, it will work perfectly.

Special Offer

Spend £30,
get a free mini double wetbag for wipes or period protection

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Featured Reviews
So sassy.
Monday, 9 September 2019  |  Abigail

Super comfortable and incredibly flattering, very happy with this purchase and definitely recommend. Loving that the absorbency pad is almost around the whole pair of knickers preventing all leaks, perfect for night time. 5*

cloth Sani-pads
Monday, 9 September 2019  |  Elizabeth

really good. so glad my daughter (Sarah Whiddett) recommended them

Fantastic product- super happy customer!
Saturday, 24 August 2019  |  Alison

I ordered my cheeky wipes full kit (organic cotton rainbow) just before my baby was born, I kept looking on the website, reading reviews and all the faq's, I really liked the idea of these but wasnt sure I'd cope with the dirty wipes but I wanted to reduce our carbon footprint. I am so, so glad I bought these and made the switch from disposable plastic to reuseable cloth! I have used these for 3 months now and absolutly love them, they are just as easy as using disposable, infact they are better, especially when it comes to poo explosions from a newborn baby, have you tried using disposable wipes for that?! You would need at least 5 or 6 but with cloth wipes you only need 2 max, they wipe up poo so much better! Once you use the wipes you just chuck them in your mucky box with the net bag so when it comes to washing you don't have to touch the dirty wipes, you just throw the whole bag I'm the machine! So easy! I was concerned about my baby's skin before he was born as I suffered with really bad eczema so was worried he would be the same ( so far he has beautiful skin) so that was another reason for trying out these wipes, they are so gentle on babys skin and you only use water and essential oils, no nasties! My boy has never had nappy rash yet, fingers crossed that continues and I truly believe it is from using these gentle wipes! These wipes also wash really well, I love seeing them all hanging on the washing line in the sunshine! ( these are the sad things I get excited about since becoming a mum!) Cheeky wipes customer service is also amazing! I recommend these wipes to everyone I speak to now! And I am so chuffed that the 2 big boxes of disposable wipes i was gifted before having my baby are still sitting in the bottom of the wardrobe untouched! I cant wait to buy more cheeky wipes for mucky hands and faces when we start weaning! My next mission is to make the switch to reuseable sanitary products, which I will definitely order from cheeky wipes too! Such a wonderful company! Thank you so much

Definitely recommend!
Saturday, 24 August 2019  |  Poppy

Cheeky wipes are very well made. It has been straightforward and simple change. The tea tree essential oil smells amazing and masks any bad smells. The mesh bag that lives in the mucky box is so easy to clip on/off and put straight into the wash. My little girl is now keen to help with her nappy change and wipes herself with the colourful wipes. I would definitely recommend, a superior product to any other wipe.

Friday, 23 August 2019  |  Steph

Just a few days after I received my bundle I started my period. Was very surprised by how long I could wear them and how much they held. The only problem I had was one of the poppers rubbed against my leg and caused me a lot of pain but I believe that was just a result of the pad moving s tiny bit. I wish I had found these years ago as I struggle a lot with certain pads and allergies, these are so soft and donít even smell after a few hours. Love these so much will be buying more stuff in the future.

A revelation
Thursday, 15 August 2019  |  Alis

These are the best. Comfortable, silky, a little bit sexy. Super absorbent, but not bulky at all. Easy to wash. Easy to wear. I love them. And zero irritation from nasty plastics or chemicals. Win win.

Plastic free comfort
Thursday, 15 August 2019  |  Alis

Amazing!! Silky, not bulky and so so comfortable. These are a true revelation! I am a convert! Easy to wash. Just amazing x

Fresh as a daisy
Thursday, 15 August 2019  |  Alis

Comfortable, pretty and plastic free! No irritation and they feel lovely and soft. Perfect for everyday use. Easy to wear and wash. Super fast drying time.

Game changer
Monday, 5 August 2019  |  Natalie

I hate wearing pads, but because of my insomnia I can't wear tampons at night as I have irregular sleep times.

I bought a pair last month to try and ended up washing every day and wearing the entire period. I have ordered 3 more now! So comfy for nighttime when you need to relax.

So simple, could have used from birth
Friday, 2 August 2019  |  Roisin

I waited until my baby was 10 weeks before ordering these, thinking that they'd be too tricky for the crazy early weeks. It took me all of 2 minutes to set up and we haven't used a wet wipe since. If anything this is easier than wet wipes - just a trip to the washing machine between sets, rather than the shop. I'd highly recommend this to everyone from birth: cheeky wipes take out all the headaches for a pleasant, fragrant, quick and eco change.