Version 3 Fresh Wipes Out and About bag

Version 3 Fresh Wipes Out and About bag
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Brand:  Cheeky Wipes

Version 3 Fresh Baby Wipes Waterproof Wet Bag for days out

  • 23cm (l) x 18cm (w) 
  • This small drawstring bag makes it simple to carry around enough clean damp ‘Fresh Baby Wipes’ for a day out - easily holding 15 fresh cloth baby wipes ·
  • Waterproof, just wipe clean after use - use a clean wipe and some tea tree oil to keep it fresh and hang inside out to dry
  • Used with Soft Cloth Baby Wipes and Baby Wipes Essential Oil Soaking Solution
  • Make out and about travel EASY with our Fresh Baby Wipes Waterproof Bags! This bag makes it easy to carry your damp clean cloth baby wipes while out with baby!

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