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All in One Baby Wipes Kit from Cheeky Wipes

All in One Baby Wipes Kit from Cheeky Wipes
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New Cheeky Baby Wipes All-In-One Kit

***Spend 35 on goods, get 25 cotton flannel wipes worth 13 FREE***

Cheeky Wipes are great for both nappy changing and hands & face wiping.

Our kits have fantastic new features:

  • Flat, stackable lids and splash-proof seal to keep your wipes fresher for longer
  • New single-clip lid means easy one-handed opening and closing
  • fill water levels on both boxes
  • internal hooks on the mucky box to keep your mesh bag open and drip free


  • 25 - Lovely soft  cloth baby wipes, 15 cm x 15 cm choose from cotton terry, 'Ultimate' cotton & cotton velour or microfibre (pre-order fro delivery w/c 8th July)Need help in choosing?
  • 'Single-Clip' Fresh Baby Wipes container
  • 'Single-Clip' Mucky Baby Wipes container - with mesh bag insert
  • Cheeky Wipes Fresh Baby Wipes waterproof out and about travel bag
  • Cheeky Wipes Mucky Baby Wipes waterproof out and about travel bag - with mesh bag insert
  • 10 ml bottle of Fresh Baby Wipes Essential Oil Blend - choose from Lavender & Chamomile, Mandarin & teatree or Rose & Rose Geranium
  • 10 ml bottle of Tea Tree & Tea Tree Lemon Mucky Baby Wipes Essential Oil Blend 
  • Add extra wipes and save!
  • Add a  or Cheeky Wipes Double wet bag which come in a range of lovely patterns and are perfect for wipes or mucky clothing.

Spend 35, get 25 flannel wipes FREE

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Customer Reviews
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Easy to use and clean
Tuesday, 8 July 2014  |  Jonathan

Have enjoyed not buying and binning loads of disposable wipes. One wipe gets the whole job done.

We chuck the dirty wipes straight into the washing machine and they come out as new.

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All in One baby wipes kit from Cheeky Wipes
Tuesday, 1 July 2014  |  Julie

Cheeky Wipes are just AMAZING! I have been using them since my baby was born, 17 months ago and in that time i must have bought at least 5 more kits as presents for friends and recommended them to many more people. They are brilliant for baby, environment & save you money. A win all round and they are SO much better than wet wipes or cotton wool. Hooray for Cheeky Wipes

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Only one word "FANTASTIC"
Monday, 30 June 2014  |  Tracy

Recommended by a friend, although at 1st when I placed my order did wonder was it going to be one of those many hundred things you buy as a perent for your child which turns out to be a total waste of money........1 million per cent defo no, use them for everything from bum, top & tail washes, weaning, magic for warm days to cool u & your kids down......all over refreshing in every wat......so good I hav now placed an order for the toilet roll alternative for my family, a full kit for a friend who's having a new baby & also a mini kit to keep in my small bathroom down stairs for my 3 year old, wonderfully hygienic, system so so easy to use & no effort wat so ever in the washing if them

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Rainbow wipes.
Sunday, 29 June 2014  |  Lela

I bought the ultimate rainbow wipes for my newborn daughter after much debate but I must say they are fab. Easy system bung em in the wash with the nappies. Nice and soft and they smell great too. wish I had bought them when my first born was tiny ..... he is now a toddler and fab for mucky hands and faces. Took them to a birthday party yesterday, one of the mums asked me for a wet wipe, I gave her a cheeky wipe and she loved it too
25 isn't enough for my two children tho, I ordered an extra 10 at time of purchase. They arrived very quickly.

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General service
Thursday, 26 June 2014  |  Kate

Not started using yet as baby not due till sept, but arrived very promptly. Good service

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Quite Expensive!
Thursday, 26 June 2014  |  Shilpa

I ordered this in Jan and it took almost 2 weeks to arrive. The white wipes are not as soft as the rainbow ones! To be frank, the thought of poo moving all over my washing machine is very unappealing to me! Hence though I am using these wipes, I literally end up washing the poo wipe every day and its very difficult to get the muck off a white wipe unless soaked in detergent. Where the poo goes off is never clear in the FAQ section too. I agree cloth nappies have more poo..but I wash them separately..your selling factor of direct into washing machine is not actually a solution.
All in all, while I like the concept, literally you could cut pieces of your old clothes n make wipes out of them.
That is wht our parent's generation did after all!

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Hi Shilpa,
We do make it clear on the website that the white cotton aren't as soft as the cotton velour, perhaps you overlooked this? http://www.cheekywipes.com/which-wipes-fabric-is-best-for-cloth-baby-wipes.html

Regarding your pooey wipes. Again, we have a specific page on our website, dedicated to poo! http://www.cheekywipes.com/what-about-poo.html

Generally, the first wipe that you do is with the nappy and that takes the majority of the lumpy bits of poo off and you either flush if using cloth nappies, or bin with disposables.

If you are doing this, your wipes should wash clean in the machine. If they are not, it could be because either:
You are closing the drawstring on the mesh bag or
You are not using a long enough wash - an eco wash will not do it.

I'm sorry you are disappointed, however if you had contacted our customer services we would have been happy to help with this - as you can see from previous reviews, the wipes do work and wash well.

Almost converted
Sunday, 22 June 2014  |  Kirsty

As soon as I started using these on my 2 year old, I wished I had known about them when he was born! They feel much more substantial for cleaning up & do a far better job. We spend a lot of time in hospital unfortunately & I just can't imagine managing with them as inpatients for any amount of time, I tried handwashing a dirty wipe, it wasn't easy & I cannot leave my son long enough to find & use a washing machine. I haven't taken them on days out yet either, but have tested the dirty bag at home & it seems fine.
In this hot weather, I'm finding they go a bit musty by 2nd day, not sure if more water/oils would help, but then I guess if we used them for other clean ups more, they would be used quicker!

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Cheeky wipes all in one kit are great
Thursday, 19 June 2014  |  Lucy

Well we have been using cheeky wipes since the end of May with our now three month old and love them. We wants to move away from fiddley cotton woll but needed something which she wouldn't be sensitive to like other baby wipes as our little one does suffer with sensitive skin and these were perfect. We initially tried the wipes just with water as I was apprehensive about using the oils but in the end we tried them and they haven't caused any skin irritation in the small quantities we have been using them. We have just ordered some mew wet bags because I understand cheeky wipes had some problems with the zips. On the old model ( and we did too) I am a little disappointed that they are not the same type of bag as other than the zip I liked the size and material of the other bags. All in all a brilliant product.

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Absolutely brilliant!
Thursday, 19 June 2014  |  Kristin

I've already got a set that I bought two years ago for my first baby that I still use for her now so was never in doubt about what wipes to use when this baby came along.
I ordered the bamboo wipes and they are so lovely and soft on my little girl's bum. The design of the box seems to have changed a bit for the bettet as well in the last couple of years so can now be opened past 90, my old mucky box is falling to bits now because the lid couldn't be opned enough when washing it.

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Great Product
Tuesday, 17 June 2014  |  Julie

I was sceptical about this kit but have to say i am so glad i bought it. Wished i had something like this with baby no1 & no2.
Its very easy to use, great for baby's skin, enviromentally friendly & more cost effective.
I do find the smaller wipes fit the box better however glad i got some larger wipes for larger messes!!
Highly recommend.

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