Get up to 50 FREE wipes, 5 FREE Premium Rainbow cotton wipes with every £15 spent until 23/11

Our premium rainbow cotton wipes are consistently a top seller and until 23rd November, you'll get 5 FREE rainbow cotton wipes with every £15 you spend at, to a maximum of 50 wipes.

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What makes our premium cotton so special? Well, the whole process of making the fabric is different from our standard wipes. The fabric itself isn't twisted during manufacture which means that it feels more plush and heavier than our standard cotton. Since we introduced them a year ago, they have been really popular with our customers, consistently getting 5 star reviews.

And it's easy to see why. Being made from cotton means that they have still got great traction on poo....but the softness of the fabric means they are equally good on hands & faces.

Until 23/11, for every £15 you spend on goods at, we'll give you 5 'zero twist' coloured cotton wipes FREE, maximum 50 wipes.

  • Spend £15, 5 free wipes
  • Spend £30, 10 free wipes
  • Spend £45, 15 free wipes etc....

See why our premium rainbow cotton wipes get 5 star reviews:

'I bought these family cloths and they are so soft and fluffy, I could hardly believe it. How anyone is happy with disposable loo roll when alternatives like these exist, I’ll never know.J Aves, Oct 2017

These wipes are great. They are super soft. We use them for everything and I'm only replacing them after five years and two babies. Totally worth it.Rachel, Aug 2017

As usual, we've made it easy to take advantage of the offer is easy!

  • Simply add at least £15 worth of goods to your basket (postage and packing isn't included)
  • Your free wipes will be added automatically.  
  • When your order reaches the warehouse we'll calculate how many extra wipes you'll receive (maximum 50 wipes)
  • We'll send you 5 of one colour at random (you can choose from dark blue, light blue, green OR yellow, pink or green) 

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