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We've got an absolutely cracking offer for you this month!  During August, spend just £35 on any goods at www.cheekywipes.com and you'll receive 25 of our best-selling white cotton terry wipes FREE!

Getting your free wipes is EASY! Just add £35 worth of goods* to your basket , then we'll immediately add your 25 free wipes.  All Cheeky Wipes products are included:

*Postage is not included in goods total

"I consistantly didn't get round to ordering cloth wipes for ages and now that they are here I am kicking myself for procrastinating! Fantastic wipes - for bums or hands and faces and a great size. Easy to wash... the quality also feels excellent. I will definitely be recommending them far and wide!"  Rebecca, Apr 15

At Cheeky Wipes HQ, white cotton terry wipes were the first wipes that we used, 11 years ago.  They really are our 'gold standard' fabric and they remain a favourite.  Why?

Unbeatable poo cleaning

You just can't beat cotton terry for poo grippage.  Smearing poo all over your LO's bum when cleaning is a thing of the past.  Cotton terry has a bit of 'traction' which makes it brilliant at cleaning up even the worst poonami,  gently and effectively.

But soft enough for faces too

White cotton is a brilliant 'all-round' wipe and it is what we recommend to washable wipes 'newbies' as they are just a great place to start.  That's because even though they are great for poo, they are still soft enough to use for faces and hands.

Wash with any wash load, up to 60c, so makes washing simple!

These wipes can literally be washed with anything which makes life easy!  Wash up to 60c with whatever you have got going on, nappies, baby clothes, bedding, towels - or even a normal clothes wash.  Being white, if you consistently wash with colours, they might eventually go a bit grey and dingy, but it doesn't affect their performance at all, they will still wipe your baby's bottom perfectly.


Cheeky wipes don't tend to stain with any lingering staining gently being removed by hanging in sunlight.  However if you find your wipes are getting a bit dingy or grey from washing with dark colours, then it's fine to wash them with a capful of bleach.  Of course, make sure that you wash them again after bleaching though!

As always, please feel free to spread the word - and with our new 'refer-a-friend' scheme, not only will they love you, but they will save 15% on their first order over £40 and you will receive £5!