This month's offer - 25 FREE white cotton terry wipes when you spend £35!

There has been such doom and gloom in the press recently that I think we have forgotten that it is here's a fab offer for this month which should hopefully make us forget our worries!

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This month, you'll receive 25 white cotton terry wipes FREE when you spend £35 at!

This offer is applicable to purchases of:

Workhorse wipes

When customers say 'What wipes do you recommend, what do you use?', I always point them in the direction of our white cotton terry wipes . They have been our 'gold standard' or 'workhorse' wipes here at Cheeky Wipes HQ for over 12 years, as I started using them on my son when he was just a few days old.  As he grew up (and 3 more babies arrived!), they remained a favourite for both bums and mucky hands & faces.  

When we then originally launched Cheeky Wipes, almost 8 years ago now, the kits only came with white cotton wipes.  Of course now we have more options available, but it is still hard to beat white cotton as they wash well and have lots of 'grab' for poo!

Customer Reviews

See why our customers give our white cotton wipes a 5 star rating:

"My son is only a few weeks old yet already we've ordered a second pack of the terry washable wipes. Having despaired within a couple of days at how much waste we were binning with a newborn we decided to try to make the switch to reusable. I thought I'd sink back into lazy habits pretty quickly once the sleep deprivation kicked in, but these guys are so easy to use and so much nicer than the disposable wipes I quickly ordered a second batch. Great product!." Emma, June 16

"So far flawless, good delivery, good price. Really nice and soft to use. I find they clean a large explosive poo with one wipe so much nicer (from my newborn), and my son who's two has long been refusing to wash his face after meals and wipe nose, now he uses this keenly and proudly wiping all the time, he loves them!!"  Rebecca, Apr 16

"Great wipes, nice and soft, clean well. One wipe goes a long way as so absorbent! Love them. Great service also arrived much quicker than expected!!" Jenna, March 16

To take advantage of the offer, simply add the products to your basket and the free wipes will automatically be applied. Offer ends midnight, 31st July 2016.