Environmentally Friendly Baby Wipes

Natural baby wipes – protecting the planet and your baby's future

Just think about every disposable baby wipe you throw away.  In 2007 almost 21.3 million tones of waste ended up in landfill in England so this is a perfect chance to do your bit to protect the environment for your children.

If you’re already doing your bit by recycling your newspapers, glass and tins – then using Cheeky natural baby wipes is just as easy. No more disposable baby wipes sitting around in landfills until your baby has grandchildren of their own!

The future of our planet is literally in our hands.

Cloth Baby Wipes – a more gentle way to clean bottoms

Cheeky cloth baby wipes are an eco-friendly, green and natural way to clean your baby’s bottom! Our lovely natural washable cloth baby wipes use just water and 0.16% (or 4 drops!) safe essential oils, which are biodegradable and smell great too!

Cheeky Baby Wipes don’t create mountains of washing either as you can just pop them in with a normal load.  Even better, they don’t need to be dried every time, so no tumble drying makes another environmental bonus!

Natural Baby Wipes

Using Cheeky baby wipes does your bit for the environment – a green, natural, and affordable wipes option!

You can take back control of your planet with a few simple steps and some hassle free Cheeky Baby Wipes.


"Landfill is a load of rubbish and you know it! Try Cheeky Wipes instead and bin disposable wipes for good!"


Amazing Pads!
Thursday, 23 February 2017  |  Rachel

These CSP are amazing. They are so absorbent and soft, so much better than plasticky irritating ones. If you're in any doubt whether or not to try them, you should do it. I just rinse them and put them in a normal wash and they're as good as new.

Wish I'd got them sooner!
Thursday, 23 February 2017  |  Fflur

I've been wasting money on non-eco friendly baby wipes as a make-up remover and never thought of investing into an alternative. Cheeky wipes are great. Teamed with coconut oil (as they recommended for make up removing) it is simple, cheap and best of all eco friendly! Thanks Cheeky wipes!

Prompt delivery and excellent product
Thursday, 23 February 2017  |  Victoria

Use a cheeky wipe at every meal sitting. Much better than using wipes and kinder to little boys face! in can see us using them for a long time !

Excellent wipes
Wednesday, 22 February 2017  |  Rachael

I've been using these on my baby for nearly 2 months now and love them. I've sometimes used disposables when out and about but find these reusable wipes much better. I can feel confident that they're not getting nasty fragrances and other stuff on her sensitive skin but also I find the clean is better and quicker. I only need one wipe for a good thorough clean and it feels less slimy than a disposable. The box system is very simple to use, though I will look into getting a second mesh bag so there's always a clean one available when I've got a wash on. I highly recommend this product.

So easy to use!
Monday, 20 February 2017  |  Emma

I was a bit sceptical but I love them. One wipe really does do the job! They smell amazing, wash nicely and I'm doing my little bit for the environment.

Quick delivery and great service.

Thank you!

Best baby buy
Saturday, 18 February 2017  |  Sophie

This is the best baby item I've bought. Absolutely love my wipes. Recommend them to everyone and will be what I get my friends for baby showers!!

Truly fantastic wipes!!!
Thursday, 16 February 2017  |  Naomi

I wish I'd tried these years ago! I not only would have saved money on wipes but also nappy cream as these are so gentle on baby's bum I've not used any cream since I started using them!!
Wash so well and the whole kit is everything you need! Even down to the travel bags to use out and about they really have thought of everything! Already recommended to my friend who will be ordering soon, and anyone else who asks when they see me using them! And to think I'm doing my bit towards the environment is just the icing on the cake. Love them 😍

Great product
Sunday, 12 February 2017  |  Emma

Soft, easily washable, dries quick and looks great!!!!

Perfect changing mat
Monday, 30 January 2017  |  Daisy

Had the perfect situation where I needed this today... changing in a place with no baby change station... it's big enough so she couldn't touch the floor even if she rolled and when she weed on it it didn't soak through so I was able to roll it up and put it in my bag without soiling everything else... also its super soft . What more could you want

Exceeds expectations
Saturday, 28 January 2017  |  Marie

We absolutely love these wipes. The whole system is so easy to use at home and when out and about. They do a really good job of cleaning our babies bottom with just one wipe and are more gentle on the skin than disposable wipes. We have used these in combination with eco disposable nappies from birth and have never had nappy rash. They have the added benefit of being better for the environment.