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100% Happiness Guaranteed...really?

Here at Team Cheeky what makes us happy is knowing our customers have the right product to help them make the switch to our 'Simple Reusables'. It’s what we’ve been banging on about since 2008 and happy customers is what we strive for.

So how do we do that?


Complicated marketing spiel…no

Nope, just education, information, help and guidance.

We’ve all been using our products since 2008 and that covers wipes, period and pee protection, make up wipes and the whole Cheeky Stash so we think we know everything there is and our customer service team work hard to make sure you get the expertise and knowledge that we have.

We love to chat pee, poo and periods, so here's how the Cheeky Team can help leave you 100% happy:

Expert, friendly advice BEFORE you buy

If you have any questions, do get in touch with the team via email or live chat and we can answer any and all questions you may have. We've also got our questionnaires for both wipes and period/pee products to make sure you are getting the best solution for your needs.

Help to fix Teething Problems

If you are having any teething problems or can't get past some of the issues we've highlighted below, again, get in touch and we'll ask you some questions about your use and wash and care routine to make sure you are doing everything we would do ourselves.

For reusable period protection, we’ll guide you through size, fit, flow, length of time you’ve been wearing your pants and pads to make sure you have the best product for YOU.

Still not happy? We'll refund you

If we've done all that and you decide that you just aren’t getting on with your reusables, we’ll guide you through sending them back for a refund. We won’t resell them but will donate them to one of the charities/shelters we work with where they will be gratefully received.

Alternatively, we might offer you a replacement pair in a different style/absorbency and this would be in place of a refund.

And that’s it…that’s our 100% Happiness Guarantee in a nutshell! 

As a small, independent company, we know our customers wouldn't take advantage of us but just to note that this is applicable to one pair of pants or one pad for period protection and one all in one kit, or one nappy. We know you wouldn't expect to be able to use 10 pairs of pants for example before deciding they aren't right for you wink

Potential Teething Questions on your Cheeky Buys

  • Why are my period pants leaking?
  • Why do my period pants smell?
  • Why do my reusable wipes smell bad?
  • Why are my reusable wipes not washing well?
  • Reusables just not for you

Why are my period pants leaking?

If your period pants fit well and are changed in line with your flow, they shouldn't leak.  But your period pants may leak if the sizing isn't correct, or they haven't been changed in line with your flow.

Pants that are saggy or gappy won't be snug to your skin and and won't stop leaks. And if you choose regular flow period pants and wear them all day on your heaviest day you may well get some leaks too.

How to avoid leaks on period pants:

To avoid leaks on period pants:

  • Ensure a good snug fit
  • Choose the correct absorbency pants
  • Change in line with your flow

Size Matters

If you aren't sure on sizing, double check with us. In some styles you might be best to size down (or up) from normal. We have a brilliant questionnaire that is answered by Kirstin on the team and she can guide you to the right size and style based on your preferences.

If you haven’t done that prior to your purchase, give it a go if you decide to try again.

Absorbency Matters

Our period pants can be worn for up to 12 hours as long as you choose the correct absorbency level. If you have heavy flow (even for just one day of your period) then make sure you choose heavy flow period pants for that day to prevent leaking and keep an eye on your flow and when you need to change them. 

Our bamboo cosy shorts are SUPER ABSORBENT for example and will hold up to 3 or 4 pads or tampons worth of menstrual blood.

Change in line with your flow

Have a think about your flow on different days and how often you change your current period protection. Reusable period pants aren’t magic! But what they are is a comfy, plastic free, absorbent alternative to disposable protection. On your heavier days, you might need to change at lunchtime.  Or (top tip!) use a reusable pad which you can whip out at lunchtime, leaving you fresh for the rest of the day.

Why do my period pants smell?

Your period pants might smell because:

  • You haven't washed them quickly enough after wearing
  • You accidentally used fabric conditioner when washing

You haven't washed your period pants quickly enough after wearing

Yep, your period undies may smell if they are left with blood on or damp for longer than a few days and that can be off putting. There's no need to hand wash, but rinsing or soaking after wearing helps. Then a good long wash usually sorts out any lingering smells.

One top tip is to save your bedding, bath mats and towel wash for the week of your period if you don’t normally have a wash on regularly. This means you can wash every day or at least every other day over your period. 

Your period pants smell when you wear them

Bodily fluids can have an odour that is masked with the gels and chemicals in disposable products but genuinely, I have never had anyone comment on any smell. We find using our reusable intimate wipes with water or wet and wipe spray whilst on our period helps keep us feeling fresh and clean all day, so this may be something to think about.

Consider also if you have accidentally fabric softener when you have washed them. As well as affecting absorption it can trap moisture inside which with start to smell. All our washing and care advice can be found here.


Why do my reusable wipes smell bad?

The chances are if your reusable wipes smell bad, it is because they have gotten musty. Leaving wipes for longer than 2 days in the fresh box will give them a damp and musty smell. Or not drying between washes.

But all is not lost.

Wash all the wipes on a good long wash (40 deg for rainbow wipes and 60 deg for white wipes) and thoroughly dry them. Drying on the line or in a tumble dryer is fine. If you aren’t using the fresh oil then only soak as many wipes as you use per day in just water and then change them every day. It takes about 30 seconds to add cold tap water to the box and then pop the wipes in.

If you are using the fresh oil, add a good 4-5 drops to the water and give it a swish before adding the wipes. In warmer weather, keep the fresh and mucky boxes out of direct sunlight and in a cooler spot in the room.

Why have my reusable wipes got poo stains?

 If your wipes have got poo stains, generally it's because they aren't being agitated in the washing machine enough.

Most of the poo will be taken off with the first wipe of the nappy (for both cloth and disposable nappies) so the wipe is cleaning up the residue. It's important to soak the used baby wipe in the mesh bag in the mucky box in cold water until you are putting a wash on.

It's also really important to leave the mesh bag open when it’s in the machine so the wipes can fully uncurl and your machine can get to every part of the wipe to clean it.

If there are lingering stains, hanging them out on the line to dry in the sunshine is fab as the sun acts as a natural bleach. This is also great for stain removing on cloth nappies.


And…if there are a few little faint stains, they won’t affect the efficiency of the wipes. Here are a mix of my wipes from 2009 - present day having a little sun bathe to dry them!

Reusable Wipes may not be for you...

Cheeky wipes do need to be washed, in a machine so if you find that you aren’t putting a wash on or if it is all just too much to remember to add them to the wash then they won’t be for you. And that’s ok! 

In summary, please do get in touch and ask us any and all questions…we’ll do our best to answer them for you. We WANT 100% happiness on your Cheeky swaps.  

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About the author: Jo van Huet is a mum of 2 and has been working with Helen, Cheeky founder, for over 20 years. She has been Head of Customer Journey at Cheeky Wipes for almost 8 years following a stint “helping out at some Baby shows” since 2008! Jo has used all the products from our wipes on her kids (now 12 & 15) to our period pants and pads. She is passionate about making sure our customers are happy, informed and feel listened too when they get in touch. Her team pride themselves on providing relatable friendly advice and just LOVE to chat pee, poo and periods all day long!