Reusable Baby Wipes Advice Questionnaire

Hello! You might be here because you are stunned by the amount of plastic in disposable wipes, or because you are done with spending endless cash just to throw disposables into landfill. Maybe you want to find out if you really can wash poo off in a washing machine and that you won’t be adding to your already mountainous washing pile. You might even want to ditch the toilet roll...well, we can help with all of those reasons and more, and then get you started.

Washable wipes are our passion, and here at Cheeky HQ, all our kids might now have grown up but they all had their peachy bottoms and cute faces wiped and cleaned with Cheeky Wipes so we are well placed to advise. Most of us now use our wipes as a family toilet paper alternative!

Based on the info you give us below we can recommend which products would suit your set up best. Some of the questions might seem a little detailed or personal but this helps us give you the right advice.

Once you submit your responses, we aim to get back to you within 4 working days (Monday - Friday). If you haven't had a response from us within a few days, PLEASE check your spam / junk folder, especially if you have a hotmail or outlook email address!

We’ll give you an idea of what kit/products we think would work best for you with the least amount of hassle along with advice on how to get started, how to wash your wipes and generally get the best out of them.

If you are a childcare setting and are considering make the switch to reusable wipes, we have a questionnaire for you which will give tailor made advice for your setting - click here.

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