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We love our Cheeky period swimwear and think you will too, but if this is your first time trying out reusable period products we understand you might be unsure if they're for you. Lucky for you, we have a 100% happiness guarantee on ALL period pants and water resistant swimwear so you can take them for a test drive before deciding whether or not to make the switch. The fabrics used in our pants and pads, do not contain PFOS, PFOA or 'antimicrobial silver'. Read our blog for further information.


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How does period swimwear work?

Period swimwear has an absorbent lining which is slightly thinner than some period pants.

It absorbs period blood and makes it leak proof and suitable for light to medium flow or one tampons worth of flow. On lighter days you can wear for longer.

On medium flow days or heavy flow days, you may want to use a menstrual cup or tampons to absorb some menstrual blood if you're going to be in the water for a long time.

The gusset is antibacterial and breathable, plus quick drying!

The outer fabric is water repellent and this stops water (from the pool or sea) absorbing into the inside of the swimsuit.

To ensure this is effective make sure your swimsuit has a really good fit around the legs - you don't want any gaping when you're moving!

Always rinse your period swimsuit after use and definitely avoid fabric softener and tumble dryer.

"Bought a swim suit for my daughter, she is very pleased with it, so much so I bought one for my other daughter . It looks elegant and fits well" Emma, Trustpilot

Who are Period Swimwear UK Stockists?

Cheeky Period proof swimwear UK is only sold in online at and

That's because we believe that unlike High St stores, we can provide personalized help from our fantastic customer service team to help you make the switch to period underwear.

Plus that means we can keep our prices more affordable than big period pants brands.

We'll help you decide on our high-waisted period bikini bottoms, or if ruched waist swim bikini is better instead.

"Prompt reply to my query and fast delivery. Love the swimsuit! Only ordered from Cheeky Wipes because my first order with another company was going to be delayed. I thought I'd keep the delayed swimsuit, once received, as a spare, but have decided to send it back and get a refund as the Cheeky Wipes swim suit is a lot nicer and if I need a spare, I'd rather get exactly the same swimsuit from Cheeky Wipes." Emma, July 2022

Need more help with period swimwear?

Got more questions about Cheeky® period swimming costumes, head on over to our FAQs page. If your don't find what you're looking for there either pop us an email or send us a message on our chat!

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"Really pleased with my swimming costume, worked really well and I felt really comfortable swimming on my period! Love what this company is doing :)" Charlotte, Trustpilot