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Washable Changing Mats

Our super soft bamboo plush washable changing mats are larger than normal change mats, perfect for using on the go or at home! Sofy, warm and cosy against your baby's skin!

Are Changing Mats necessary? Are portable changing pads necessary? What can I use instead of a changing table?

Yes, we think that changing mats are necessary for changing nappies and if they're portable they can be used anywhere. We don't think it's necessary to have a changing station or dresser.

Can you change baby on bed? No! That's speaking from experience as one of our children managed to push himself backwards off a changing table onto the floor <facepalm>. Thankfully unhurt as he landed on his cloth nappy padded bottom. And note to NEVER leave babies unattended on a high piece of furniture or crib top changing tables!

You can use our extra large portable change mats on any flat surface or floor space. Perfect when you have limited space, these make the perfect changing table alternative.

They're also perfect for using with any portable changing station in toilets and are much nicer than lining those hard plastic surfaces with paper towels.

Are Cheeky Changing pads waterproof?

Yes! Our baby changing mats are made from bamboo & plush material which is TPU lined which means they're VERY waterproof! they also fold to fit nicely in your changing bag or diaper bag.

Can you wash changing pads?

Yes! Our change mats aren't wipe clean as they are made from material but you can just chuck them in the washing machine instead. They can be tumble dried on low, or left to air dry.

Amazing changing mat, I love that you can throw it in the wash. It also washes really nice. I'd highly recommend, it's perfect. Jo, May 2021

Are Cheeky Changing Mats a standard size?

No, our changing mats are extra large at 90cm x 72cm