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Using and taking care of your Reusable Makeup Pads

1. Apply your cleanser

To remove your makeup, smooth the coconut oil or your favourite cleanser over your face with your fingertips, gently massaging it in. 

2 & 3. Let the makeup melt away

Run a clean makeup pad under the hot tap then wipe off the oil/cleanser using the pad. Mascara will literally just melt and can be wiped away without excessive rubbing or pulling or the skin.


4. Freshen up

Run another clean wipe under the cold tap and use to gently refresh your face and get rid of any remaining makeup that might have survived the warm wipe. This will leave your face feeling fresh and moisturised and will rinse most of the makeup from the pad.

5. Chuck them in the wash

Once you've used your wipes, just pop them in the next wash you have running, they don't need to go in a mesh bag. 

6. Drying the pads

Here at Cheeky HQ we love to air dry all of our products, but our makeup wipes are safe to go in the tumble dryer too!

Get the most out of your Cheeky Makeup Wipes:

  • Keep the pads stored dry and clean in your trug or bag ready to use.
  • Wash white pads at 30-60℃ while wipes with colours or patterns should be washed at no more than 40℃.
  • Never leave your pads to soak in a solution of bleach and water or and harsh stain removers as this will both damage them and it could also irritate your skin the next time you use them! Yikes! 
  • Unlike some other Cheeky products you can definitely use fabric softener to make your makeup pads extra soft!

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