Our long awaited Incontinence Collection is FINALLY here! 

It's October which means it's our birthday! Woohoo! Our offer for this month is 2 for £25 on Workhorse White Wipes. Plus we have launched our Incontinence collection too! Which you can find out more about below:

2 for £25 on Workhorse White Wipes 

50 wipes is what we say will help completely ditch the disposables. Much more effective than baby wipes, and better for our planet than flushable wipes. Our Workhorse White Wipes are our most hardy wipe, the most durable cheeky wipe which means they are great for wiping bums! Sized 15 x 15cm they are the perfect little square! Square of bum wiping dreams! This offer lasts until the 17th October so hurry whilst stocks last!

Let's talk about Incontinence... 

Our Incontinence range has finally landed! Yes, we have listened and we are so proud to present to you our NEW specifically designed range to help you feel in control, give you peace of mind and give you maximum comfort.

Let’s explore our new collection!

The main thing with all of our incontinence products is that they feel normal and comfortable. We understand that it is embarrassing enough to have the constant pressure and worry on your mind and that’s why we want to make all of our Incontinence range as discreet as possible. So you don’t have to worry about it!

Kids Incontinence Pants 

Our Kids Incontinence Pants are perfect for Kids/Teens with mild to moderate incontinence. If you are moving to ‘big kid pants’, have a child who experiences mild incontinence or need help with bed wetting these pants can help you! Our pants are gender neutral too, designed more like shorts than knickers.

Super soft and absorbent, these pants have a waterproof layer and layers of cotton which are great for potty training, night time or for older children with mild incontinence or periods. Extra absorbent pads are available for boosting at night time and great for confidence at sleepovers.

Make our Incontinence pants your number one bed wetting solution!

Kids Incontinence Pants for Bed Wetting and leaks

Kids Incontinence Pant sizes are avaliable in: 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, & 9-10 

Shop here from £10.95 

Men's Incontinence Pants 

It is estimated that 200,000 men suffer from Incontinence and there aren't many solutions. (Ontex Healthcare) That is why we are so excited about our Men’s Incontinence trunks, slimline and absorbent. They are perfect for mild to moderate ladder leakage to give you security and peace of mind.
‘You would never know that these are Incontinence Pants’. Our black trunks are designed to look like normal black trunks but with extra absorbency. Not only that but they are absorbent, leakproof and odour-resistant too! Our Men’s Incontinence Pants are absorbent, leakproof odour-resistant, breathable and discreet.

Men's Incontinence Pants

Shop here for Men's Incontinence 

Ladies Incontinence Pants 

Our comfy and fearless pants have been around on the block for a while but there is no doubt that they are the perfect Incontinence companion. As we always say here at Team Cheeky we have enough children to fill a classroom.. Maybe a whole school. We understand that those little leaks can get you sometimes! The protection for the pads covers the front to the rear waistband for extra support wherever you may need it! Whether you have little dribbles or a weak bladder let our pants help you to keep it under control!

Womens Incontinence Pants and Protection for urinal Incontinence

Shop Incontinence Pants here from as little as £12.50! (We currently have 3 for 2 on Comfy/Fearless) 

Incontinence Pads 

Our Incontinence Pads are available in different sizes to suit your needs. They do however all have the same benefits.

Feel Comfortable- Their unique shape means that the pad lies flat, minimising the run off and slightly wider at the back, they are reversible for those who are sitting or lying down the majority of the time.
Feel Dry- The brushed cotton top for fast absorption, natural breathable material against the skin, natural cotton core to prevent compression leaks and maximise capacity without bulk at all. Our slimmest pad by far!
Feel Easy- Additional tab to grip means opening the poppers is easy, even if you struggle with your grip.
Feel Confident- Hidden waterproof layer and non-wicking wings for maximum protection against leaks.

Shop Incontinence Pads here 

To give a warm welcome to our Incontinence Range we have a secret code which will get you 10% off for the whole of October 2021! Use code inc10 at checkout to benefit from this secret email and blog only code!