How has your 2019 been? We normally like to wind down at this time of year, but for a change as it has been such a brilliant year, we're mixing it up a bit with not just one, but TWO fantastic offers this month!

We're finishing 2019 at full tilt, with a cracking £10 off our best-selling all-in-one cloth baby wipes kits. That includes both our standard 'workhorse' wipes kit which has our best selling white cotton wipes, and our premium cloth baby wipes kit which has a variety of premium wipes to choose from, including bamboo and organic cotton.

However we appreciate that many of you come to us solely for reusable period products, so this month we've got a separate offer just for you. Until 2nd January, buy any three bamboo & minky cloth sanitary DAY pads and we'll give you another one FREE!

When we launched Cheeky Wipes 11 years ago, it was with our all-in-one cloth wipes kit, which is probably what we're best known for. They remain one of our top-selling products, because not only do they save parents money, but they're kind to skin and most of all, they make using washable wipes really easy.

We developed the wipes kit when Helen, our founder, had her first child. Helen has suffered from eczema since childhood and when her eldest son was born her hands were very badly cracked and sore and she couldn't use any disposable baby wipes as they really irritated her skin.

As Helen was already using cloth nappies, switching to cloth wipes seemed like an obvious solution. Initially Helen cut up an old towel, however within a couple of weeks her husband made her throw them out on the basis that they looked like car washing rags! Over a period of time, Helen developed a system to make using washable wipes EASY, using boxes at home and bags whilst out and about. It wasn't until her second son suffered a short period in hospital and Helen had to use disposable baby wipes, that she thought about whether she could develop her idea into a kit, to make cloth wipes easy for anyone to use.  Cheeky Wipes was born in October 2008, when she was 37 weeks pregnant with baby number 3!

Our cloth baby wipes it makes using cloth wipes simple, no matter whether you use them for bums or just hands and faces, and no matter which nappies you use. It contains:

  • Fresh wipes box for soaking your clean wipes, convenient and ready to use
  • Mucky wipes box which come in the kit with a handy mesh bag insert. The mesh bag removes easily straight into the washing machine, meaning that you don't have to touch the mucky wipes when adding them to the washing machine - bonus! 
  • Fresh wipes essential oil solutions which you use along with water to soak your clean wipes, keeping the wipes smelling fresh but also soothing your baby's skin.  We've also colour coded both oils so that you know which one goes where!   
  • Mucky wipes essential oil antibacterial and smells great, helping to keep your mucky wipes smelling sweeter. 
  • Fresh wipes bag when you're out and about to hold your clean wipes
  • Mucky wipes bag again for using when you're out for the day, with a removable mesh bag which again makes washing your dirty wipes really easy 

In addition this month, we're running a promotion on our bamboo & minky cloth sanitary pads.  If you're a disposable pad user looking to reduce your eco impact, they are a really easy switch as they are SO much more comfortable to use than disposable sanitary pads which can be a bit smelly and rub the tops of your thighs...or maybe that's just my chubby thighs! The bamboo minky cloth sanitary pads also popper closed so that you can carry them discreetly, in addition to being comfortable and super absorbent.   They wash really well too, wash on a cool or cold wash (30c or lower) as washing at 40c or above will 'set' any bloodstains. It's amazing how many people don't realise this!

We love our products, but of course we are hugely biased! But we thought we'd share a few of our favourite customer reviews from over the years. If you've got a bit of time to spare, have a look at our product page where you'll see more than a thousand reviews of the kit (we've just split the all-in-one kit into two separate products which is why the premium one hasn't got many reviews yet!)

Cloth Sanitary Day Pads

I started looking at how to avoid infections I started getting recently with disposable sanitary pads. After a couple of days of using these, all symptoms I had disappeared (there are no chemicals as in disposable pads), no more discomfort, thrush or infections. The pads are good size, incredibly soft and comfy, and once put in place using the poppers they don't move at all. There's no glue to damage your underwear or stick to places you don't want as with normal disposable pads. After use I just soaked them in cold water (it has to be cold water to avoid staining the fabric) for about an hour and then washed them with my normal load. You could also soak them for a day or two or until you do your washing, but I think you'd need to change the water in the container if you leave them there for a bit longer. If you're not at home when you're changing your pad, you can store them in a zipped bag and deal with it when you get home. It's really easy to look after them. These pads are definitely more absorbent that disposable ones, much more comfortable and I just wish I came across them sooner. All in all, they're fantastic!' Moni, March 2014

All-in-one cloth baby wipes kits

'I love these wipes, I wish we'd discovered them earlier. After months of struggling to get disposable wipes out of a packet, having to use about 5 per nappy change and spending loads on biodegradable wipes I decided to look into reusable wipes.
These are great, efficient at wiping everything (only one wipe needed even for a big poo), the boxes are well made and everything is really well designed. I've found it easy to soak the wipes in the essential oils and its no bother at all washing them (particularly if like us you are already washing reusable nappies.)
I am confident that not only are they the best choice ecologically and for user ease, but will also save us money over long term use. Highly recommended!
' Charlotte, July 2014

'Really really impressed with these wipes. Easy Peasy to use, no extra faff, and great for out and about. Wipes wash well at 30 degrees, & dry quickly. I would advise any one who isn't sure to Go for it!! Save you money, one less thing being thrown away, use for future babies, and kind to babies skin. What more could you ask for?!' Laura, December 2014

As usual, it's easy to take advantage of the offer.   Simply add the all-in-one workhorse kit, or the all-in-one premium kit to your basket and the £10 discount will automatically be applied at the checkout.  Or add any four bamboo & minky cloth sanitary DAY pads and we'll discount you for the price of the 4th one!  Please note that these offers are EXCLUSIVE and may not work in conjunction with other offers or discount codes.