Spend 30, get 5 FREE muslins - while stocks last or until end of May

The silly season is drawing to a close here at Cheeky Wipes as our last Baby Show will be coming up at the NEC on 17th / 18th / 19th May, which will be our 6th show in 11 weeks, so we're looking forward to it, so that we can then relax for a few weekends!

Until 31st May, or while stocks last, we've got a lovely offer, 5 free muslins when you spend £30 on goods.

If this is your second, third, fourth (or even fifth) baby, we don't need to explain how versatile muslins can be. But if this is your first baby, you may well be asking 'Why do I need muslins?'  Because they're a lifesaver, in SO many situations. Here's a few ways they can be used (and we're not even including dolly dress-up / pirate scarves ion this round-up...)

Bib - the best thing about using a muslin as a bib, is their size - they catch everything, they're the 'barbers chair' of bibs. We still use ours at home for this, it's either that or strip off top layers when it comes to spag bol.

Burp cloth - your baby will vomit down your back at some stage. use a muslin to catch it and avoid 'sick on the back' which is never a good look...

Changing mat cover - you wouldn't want to lie on a cold plastic mattress yourself, so it's no surprise when baby's let you know they don't like it! Make changing more pleasant, put a muslin on your changing mat to make changing nicer. Probably more hygienic than laying your baby laying on one of the changing stations in public changing areas

Cot / Pram sheet saver - slide a muslin over the end of your pram mattress just where your baby rests their head and this will again save on washing if your baby is sick, just slip out the soiled muslin and change it for a new one

Sleep aid - as recommended by my lovely health visitor when my little one struggled to self settle. I slept on the muslins first, so that it smelled of me, then gave to my baby who recognised the smell and kept it close, sleeping with it in one hand...so sweet!   Muslins are replaceable if lost, which is also in their favour over cuddly toys.

Breastfeeding cover - let's be sensible. We all know that you shouldn't *need* to cover up when breast feeding and we totally support those of you who are happy to whip your boobs out as and when. For those of us who don't quite have that confidence, or if you're in a situation that you might want a little bit more privacy, just pop a muslin over your shoulder

Car shade - wind the car window down a little bit, catch the top edge of the muslin in the window, push it up again  and there you go - instant car window shade

So, how do I take advantage of this offer?

Simple!  Add at least £30 worth of goods (postage isn't included) to your basket and we'll automatically add your free muslins.  

See what customers have to say about our muslins:

'Have bought these and other items for my daughter. We loved the beautiful colours, they make us smile.' Sue, March 2018

'So pleased with these - they are slightly bigger than normal muslins, thicker and softer and just really nice.' Becky, Oct 2016