During September, we're giving 20% off all cloth sanitary pads.

So why switch to cloth sanitary pads (CSP)?

We understand that the concept can seem a bit 'eewww', but actually if you're a disposable sanitary pad user (and post children, tampons and cups just aren't an option for all of us!), then it's really simply to make the switch.


If you use disposable pads, you'll no doubt already be aware of how uncomfortable they can be. Either giving you an inadvertent bikini wax or giving you 'nappy rash' which is just adding insult to injury to your poor nether regions. Our cloth sanitary pads use poppers to securely attach the pad around your knickers.  And because they're super soft, you won't get chafing from them either.

Easy care

Caring for your cloth sanitary pads is no more tricky than washing your knickers out if your period comes unexpectedly. The most important thing is that you do a COLD water wash (30c or less) because blood is a protein stain. As soon as you put warm water near blood, it 'sets' the stain.  We tend to soak them in cold water first with a scoop of oxi or vanish, then wash with your usual washing powder. Of course, if you're squeamish about the sight of blood or worried about staining, you can choose our charcoal topped pads which are dark grey in colour.

Thin and Discreet

As you can see from the pictures above, cloth sanitary pads aren't bulky. The picture above shows me wearing one of our cotton pads, and you can't see it at all under my leggings - in fact you can barely see it when I'm just in my knickers.

Choice of fabrics

Our cloth sanitary pads come in a choice of two fabrics, bamboo & minky, or cotton.   How do they compare?

Bamboo Minky - these are our most absorbent pads, made from supersoft minky outers, and with either a cream coloured bamboo viscose top or a charcoal grey bamboo fleece top.  The main difference between the tops is the colour, with the grey being less obvious for staining.  They're thicker than our cotton pads, but that's the trade off you have for absorbency.  They come in 4 different patterns and are available as liners, day pads, night / maternity pads, or you can buy them in multipacks, starter kits or full kits.

Cotton Ultrapads - our cotton ultrapads are thinner than the bamboo minky pads, and slightly less absorbent.  Being made from 100% cotton, they're cooler to wear than bamboo minky and the liners in particular are great for teenagers.  They come in a range of patterns and are also available as liners, day pads,night pads, multipacks, starter kits and full kits.

What do customers say about our pads?

I was a but hesitant about buying these products but was fed up with my bin getting full and my money being spent on them. However, I have been absolutely amazed by them! So comfy you wouldn't know you were wearing them and no smell from them at all. Easy to wash and come back super clean ready to wear again. Very impressed, just wish I had had the confidence to buy them sooner!  Sarah, August 2018

These pads are great - at my heaviest overnight bleeding the pad will fill, but have never leaked during a period. It feels safe knowing I won't wake up needing to hop straight in the shower!
I originally got these for postpartum bleeding and they were the perfect absorbancy. Didn't leak once bar two tiny spots on the bedsheets. Wearing them overnight they were soaked by the morning but still working. I gave birth at 29 weeks though, so I don't know if that affects how heavy the flow is.
Rinsing them out in cold water just after a change I've found is the best way to go - they wash white and end up softer that way. Had a busy day one day and didn't rinse one or 2 out, put them straight in a wet bag - they have stained to a yellowy brown, but still work the same.
I've been wearing these during the day too on heavier periods just in case and I find they rarely move around and are far more comfortable than their disposable cousins. I forget I'm wearing these a lot of the time :)
  Julia, August 2018

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