Fantastic offer throughout October, three pairs of leak-proof, absorbent period pants for just 24.95, saving save 5£

Since we launched our period pants last year, they have quickly become a bestseller, to the point that we've really struggled to keep them in stock in some sizes. 

However we've just had half a container load of pants arrive, which is our second production run. And we're happy to say that based on your feedback, we've tweaked the design a little bit. 

  • The sizing has been amended slightly, so we've standardised them to M&S sizes.  (Because as you know if you've ever struggled to get into an H&M size 10 when you normally shop in Next, clothes sizes are not standardised! )
  • The lace on the Feeling Pretty lace-topped period pants, has also been changed to make it more durable. 
  • On the 'feeling sporty' low rise cotton pants , the absorbent / waterproof layer now comes all the way to the front also, for those who are 'front bleeders' or who sleep on their front. 
  • Lastly, we've introduced a new style, 'feeling sassy' period pants, which are mid-rise with sassy side cut outs

But why would I want to swap to period pants?

For me, much as I would LOVE to be able to wear a menstrual cup, sadly, after having had 4 children, internal period protection of any sort is just not an option.   And don't get me wrong, I love our cloth sanitary pads, but you just can't beat period pants if you're active. There's no slippage, no chafing or 'nappy rash' no matter what you're doing. They're also great for minor incontinence and in fact are so good that we now sponsor our local womens football team who call themselves 'HRT United' - we LOVE this!   They're also ridiculously comfortable for sleeping in of course, keeping you cool, comfortable and leak free.  

How absorbent are period pants?

All of our pants have 4 layers of protection built in protecting you from the back waistband, right the way to the front. There's a breathable layer against your skin, next an absorbent layer which quickly soaks up wetness and wicks it away from your skin.  Lastly the waterproof and outer layers keep you dry and comfortable.

To give you an idea of how absorbent they are, I would say that my periods are normal-ish. I've got three fairly light / average days and one heavy day in between. On my heaviest day I would normally change my protection 3 times, not because I've soaked through, but to keep me feeling fresh. Wearing the period pants, I made the same changes, but on my lighter days, I only changed once at bedtime, as I like to go to bed with clean knickers.

If you suffer with very heavy periods, to the point of having to change your protection every couple of hours hour or wear two forms of period protection, our pants are brilliant to wear with cloth sanitary pads.

But what do you do if wearing period pants to school / work?

No problems, just use one of our mini wetbags to hold your clean pair along with a few intimate wipes.  On my heavier day/s, I may also wear a cloth sanitary pad, not because the pants can't cope but because it's much simpler to remove a used pad than it is to change your pants in a toilet cubicle!  

What's the best way to wash period pants?

It's actually really easy  Just treat these knickers in the same way as you would your usual knickers if your period came unexpectedly early and caught you by surprise. Because they're black inside, I simple squirt with whatever stain remover I have on hand and then bung in the washing machine with the rest of my clothes wash, max 30cso as to avoid setting the bloodstains. Sometimes, if my period has been particularly heavy, and I can be bothered  I will soak them in cold water along with some Oxi or type stain remover.  The pants shouldn't be tumble dried, as it can damage the waterproof layer, instead dry flat or on the washing line.

Do period pants work? See what our customers have to say...

'So far these pants have delivered what they promised. Being able to wear normal looking pants which give you confidence not to worry during your period. I experience heavy periods and never know when it starts and ends so can wear these pants and not worry.', Catriona, Sept 2019

'These was my fist time trying out period pants and they are great. I will be getting a couple of more... size is just right and they are very comfy. Definitely worth the buy. Thanks!.', Tina, Sept 2019

'These are really nice when you think they are for your period. The fit is nice and dare I say you actually feel a little bit sexy wearing them!! Size wise, if you buy your pants from the more generous high street shops then definitely go up a size!', Amy, Sept 2019