UPDATE 21st February - for the remainder of the month we shall be running TWO special offers!  Our February offer giving 5 FREE Luxury makeup removing pads free when you spend £30 will continue until the end of the month.  PLUS, we're having a clearance sale of at least 1/3 off selected items including wipes, makeup removing pads, wetbags and bamboo & minky cloth sanitary pads.




If you haven't tried reusable makeup removing pads, then this is a great month to try.  At Cheeky Wipes HQ, we use them with our organic coconut oil, because even my eczema prone, 40+ sensitive skin can tolerate coconut oil. Plus it makes light work of removing my mascara really quickly and easily.  I know that using an oily cleanser can be counter intuitive, but because makeup is usually oil based, using an oil based cleanser means that your makeup just melts, removing it gently without rubbing.

I've never used really used makeup removing wipes unless I was visiting a friend and had forgotten to pack my own cleanser. They always completely cleaned my skin...but almost too much. How I imagine it would be if you took a stainless steel scourer to your car bonnet.  A bit stripped.

I know it's not just me that feels like that. Even if the thought of using coconut oil is a step too far for you, you can use your normal cleanser with no problems. I've also used an oily cleanser (Simple Cleansing oil was a quick Boots purchase at the airport once). Or you can of course use your normal cleanser.    Usinf reusable makeup removing pads is really straightforwards:


  • Apply the coconut oil or your cleanser directly to your face with your fingertips.
  • Gently massage the cleanser into your skin, taking your time. Rub it in very gently, like you're doing baby massage
  • Run your hot cloth cleansing makeup removing pad under the hot tap.  Not TOO hot, you need to be able to comfortably hold it!
  • Using the hot damp pad, wipe the cleanser and makeup off your face.  Rinse under the hot tap and repeat until your makeup is removed.
  • Rinse under cold water and repeat once more.  Your face should be really clean and soft.
  • Wash your pads with your next load of washing (In my house, I just pop them into the dirty laundry basket which is also in the bathroom)
  • Dry, then reuse.

During February, spend £30 on goods at www.cheekywipes.com and we'll give you 5 reusable makeup removing pads FREE.

Taking advantage of the offer is easy!

Just add £30 of goods to your basket (postage and packing don't count).  We'll automatically add the free makeup removing pads to your basket.

Please note, this is an EXCLUSIVE offer and may not work in conjunction with other discount codes. Offer ends midnight 29th February.