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Reusable makeup remover pads and wipes are one of our easiest eco swaps! They're soft to the touch, wash well and are so much more eco friendly than disposable cotton pads.

They'll also save you money in the long run!

We recommend bamboo plush pads if you use oily/soapy cleansers.

If you normally use cotton pads with toner, lotions or micellar water, then we'd suggest bamboo / reusable cotton makeup remover rounds. Or try the organic cotton cleansing pads for eye makeup removal.

Or try the organic cotton cleansing pads for eye makeup removal.


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How to wash reusable cloth makeup pads

Our reusable pads are easy to wash too. Just rinse immediately after use and then machine wash with your next load in the washing machine. Easy!

"This is the second change I've made to reusable products thanks to Cheeky Wipes.I now have the make-up wipes which I use with micellar water to remove makeup in the evening.They are really well made & lovely and soft on my face,more so than cotton pads! They are a decent size so I am able to use one pad twice.Win win!" Nicola via Trustpilot

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If you've got any further questions, please do read our FAQ's or our washing & care instructions for reusable makeup pads. You may also enjoy these articles:

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"I LOVE these wipes. I don’t know how, but they remove eye makeup like magic; no stinging or blurring of the vision with oily residue. I don’t wear much makeup but when I do the wipes leave my skin feeling cool and clean. A great product." Trustpilot Review

"Very happy customer. I have returned time and time again as the cheeky team know their stuff. Always fantastic quality, amazing customer service, beautifully designed and made products. So far I have purchased:

Cleaning wipes, Face wipes, Bum wipes, Makeup wipes, Period Pants, Period pads, wash bags, heat packs, essential oils and finally the wax wraps. And every single product has been amazing." Donna via Trustpilot

"Love cheeky wipes and all of their products! Their service is friendly and helpful, products and packaging is environmentally friendly.

I have a 3 year old who has used their wipes since birth and still in great condition. I have used their postnatal and period products since her birth. Their makeup remover kit is also in great condition after 3 years of use. It’s the Perfect service that my whole family enjoy!"

"I’ve been using reusable pads and makeup wipes since around 2020 and wish I made the swap sooner!

Easy to wash, soft and comfortable to use (and work!). They still look good as new too.

I love Cheeky Wipes as a company and recommend them to people I know. Great loyalty scheme, which I hope they keep." Trustpilot Review