Toilet Paper Alternative Wipes & Kits

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Cotton Flannel Wipes

Cotton Flannel Wipes£7.00  -  £14.00  (14)

Our washable cotton flannel cloth baby wipes are super soft and thin, perfect for hands & faces or as a toilet paper alternative.

Toilet Roll Alternative Family Cloth Wipes Kit

Toilet Roll Alternative Family Cloth Wipes Kit£44.99  -  £45.99  (53)

Family Cloth or Toilet Paper Free kits, ecofriendly toilet roll alternative for the whole family!

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Featured Reviews
So Comfortable, So Worth It!
Monday, 14 October 2019  |  Emily

I've just recieved my pack of these period pants and I'm ready in love! The worst part of a period for me has always been wearing uncomfortable pads, but this underwear is so comfortable to wear and I feel very secure in them. I've been wanting to try these for ages but couldn't justify spending so much money on them as lots of competitors charge, but Cheeky Wipes do a three pack for what most other shops selling these charge for one pair! Definitely recommend.

A revolution.
Monday, 14 October 2019  |  Emma

I can wipe a bum or a mucky face with a fraction of the number of disposable wipes I used to use and a fraction of the time. And every second counts with a squirmy toddler. The texture is so much nicer than disposables too. No more poking holes or twisting up in my hand as I get a wipe out the packet. They are So good they’ve gone in the bathroom for the adults to use too and I even put some in my handbag when I go out alone.

Great service, great products.
Friday, 11 October 2019  |  Jennie

Thank you all for your speedy service and reliably great products. I've ordered a few from you now and continue to be impressed. I love the day pads - so much better than any shop bought disposable, I really wish I'd swapped over to them sooner. I use the charcoal version and they are super comfy and surprisingly absorbant. I use them in conjuction with the pants - brilliant. I'm just so happy to have found something that works better than expected and means I can reduce my single use waste.

Cheeky Mama Cloth Sanitary Pads
Thursday, 10 October 2019  |  Pauline

What a difference after being constantly irritated by disposable panty liners. These are brilliant.

Saturday, 28 September 2019  |  Zoe

I am a convert!!
Love these washable pads perfect way to do my bit for the environment. Very happy with the comfort and absorbency of them. I love them!!

Lovely kit
Saturday, 28 September 2019  |  Laura

The pads are really soft and wash well. They are gentle on your body and leave you feeling fresher, without that horrible perfume smell plastic pads have on them. The longer pad is great for night times and I've never leaked wearing it. The little bag is so cute and looks really discreet tucked into my work bag. A really good starter kit for anyone tempted to try reusable pads.

Simple and fabulous
Saturday, 28 September 2019  |  Laura

Never tried period pants before, bought these as a tester. Will be buying more! The inside of the pants is soft and cotton so really comfy. I will be wearing these for days when I'm not sure if I'm going to start my monthly flow/ when sleeping over at a friend's house on a heavy flow whilst using a moon cup. I'd recommend these to anyone.

Monday, 23 September 2019  |  Rebecca

Having a heavy flow, I was really worried whether reusable pads would be up to the job. But these are even better than the top brand traditional sanitary pads! I used them overnight, and through the day on day 1 and 2 of my period. They absorb so much more than I was expecting; without feeling damp or heavy. I have felt so comfortable and dry. Plastic pads and tampons make my skin quite sore, but these are beautifully soft. I found that by wearing cotton underwear, these didn't move about at all - i read in the top tips to turn the pad around if it feels slippy, and that worked! The nap of the minky fabric holds it in place. I find them easy to rinse out in the sink (though I have been amazed by how much liquid they hold) and then store in the mucky box with some cold water and stain remover until washing..
I've already ordered more so that I have enough to cover the whole of my next period, because I am so impressed - I don't think I can ever go back now I've experienced these. I feel so much better knowing I am not sending lots of plastic to landfill. But using these pads actually makes my period a much less painful experience, too! Wow!

I'm amazed!
Monday, 23 September 2019  |  Rebecca

I've just woken up fresh, clean, and dry thanks to these amazing pants! Night 2 of my period, which is normally the heaviest, was dealt with effortlessly thanks to these beauties. I wore them for the first time last night and they covered me for 8 hours with no leaks or having to get up in the night to change pads/tampons. They are so much more comfortable than traditional sanitary products which irritate my sensitive skin; but I also feel much more secure with them - though they don't feel bulky at all. They stay put nicely and feel really soft, ideal for night times.
The only thing I would change is to make them a bit higher waisted - they sit quite low on my hips so to wear them for daytimes I would prefer a higher rise to hold my tummy in a bit more and give a smoother line under clothes. But otherwise, they are magic! I will never go back to pads and tampons now - just ordered a load more from Cheeky Wipes, so next month I won't have to

Sassiest pant ever! Period.....
Tuesday, 17 September 2019  |  Jade

I own the sports pants and lace pants and couldn’t wait to try these.

As per they didn’t disappoint. These pants have saved so much anxiety around my heavy cycles. These give my comfort mentally but also physically. They feel great and soft.

Periods are uncomfortable last thing you want is your disposable products causing further irritation. All I can say is if you are reading this review trying to make your mind up whether or not to make the switch. Then I’d say absolutely. Stop reading and go purchase. You are welcome.