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Reusable Toilet Paper Alternatives

If you're looking to switch to family cloth wipes or looking for reusable toilet paper, our great value kits are the perfect alternative to help you make the switch.

Never considered ditching traditional toilet paper before?

We understand! Here at Team Cheeky we hadn't considered it until a customer told us that they were looking for alternatives to toilet paper and were using our wipes.

We pondered the idea briefly and then one Friday night around 9 years ago we decided to give it a try. We had cloth diapered our children anyway, so it was an easy swap for us!

We have never looked back!

Money saving toilet paper alternatives

We estimate that we've saved at least £300 annually on toilet tissue. That's because we're a family of 5 and would probably go through a 9 pack of toilet paper weekly. That soon adds up!

Switching to reusable toilet wipes is a really cost effective alternative to loo roll.

Leaves you cleaner

Unlike using toilet paper, using reusable wipes leaves you feeling properly clean. That's because you can use water or our wet and wipes spray to gently cleanse after the loo.

Our toilet paper alternative wipes can also be used alongside bidet attachments or bum guns for a super clean botty!


Having reusable wipes on hand means you're NEVER short of wipes because you can simply wash and reusable. This is especially important if there's a toilet paper shortage or shortage of paper products such as facial tissues as there was worldwide during the pandemic.

Better for the environment

You'll reduce waste by switching to reusable wipes too. Unlike disposable baby wipes which can clog our sewer systems and aren't suitable for septic systems, reusable wipes are eco friendly.