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Marianne Maloy
09 November 2023  |  0:11

Best purchase ever! Total game changer.
My order got delivered a matter of days before my period and I've never been so excited to have the monthly down below murder scene.

I've used reusable pads before and I found them OK in the day but not reliable at night. So I tended to alternate between reusable pad, disposable pads and tampons. As I've aged tampons just aren't as comfortable but still very practical at times.

I have a pair of period pants (from another company) and I liked them but they lacked coverage at the front. I found them comfy but coverage is important. I found that other company's did the same thing. Until I came across Cheeky! Full coverage baby, front and back. Right I need to try these!

I ordered a mixture of styles, taking advantage of a sale. Day 1 of bleed. I opted for the giant pants. OMG so comfy, for massive "granny" pants they were pretty too. Some days we just want a pair of huge pants on.
Super absorbant, I was able to wear them all day then through the night and no period smell from them.

No the night time was a bonus coz sometimes, well I'm at that age, night sweats, worse when it's my period. So I hate layers. I was able to sleep in just the pants and a top, no pj bottoms for extra protection.

Day 2: opted for the playful print pattern, boy brief style. Again, super comfy, so much I need more of them. Super absorbant, no period smell from them (like you get with pads), I felt clean with them and again could wear all day and night. The bf even commented on how cute they were. Impressive after I bored him silly with my enthusiasm of my recent purchase. He has no idea but was happy that I was happy and comfortable around my period.

Day 3: opted for a smaller brief, lace trim waist. I got the same style in 4 colours (I like to mix it up). Again soooo comfy, super absorbant so able to wear all day and again made me feel clean with no smells.

Day 4: a bit disappointed my period finished much earlier than usual and it's back to regular pants.

Just need to see how well they wash now but I'm confident they will be great and I always wash on 30 so that instruction is easy to do.

Previously, I've washed reusables in with the normal wash and it's been no problem. I add the antibacterial stuff in for extra, but it's not really needed.

Cheeky Wipes period pants are a serious game changer! I didn't even notice it when you get that gush bit when your heavier at the start. The pants just suck it all up and you don't feel wet or uncomfortable. Fricken brilliant. I'll be back in them in 4 weeks, can't wait. Never thought I'd be excited for Aunt Flo coming.