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Teen & Tween Period Pants

The fabrics used in our pants and pads, do not contain PFOS, PFOA or 'antimicrobial silver'. Read our blog for further information.

We've got a range of fabulous teen period pants at affordable prices. From boybrief period undies and period shorts, to low-rise sporty cotton period knickers or no VPL period pants, we've got you covered!

We've got our cotton period pants for heavy flow too, so you can rest easy!

New to reusable period protection or looking for it for your child?  Simply answer a few questions in our questionnaire, you'll receive tailored advice and a recommendation!

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Period Pants for Teens UK - Teen Period Underwear

If you're looking for period pants for teens or teenager period undies in the UK, look no further.

Cheeky Pants are the affordable period pants for kids with protection to the front and rear waistband as standard and absorbency levels from light to heavy flow. We've got a large range of styles and helpful, friendly advice to help you make the switch.

Unsure what you'll need? Try our period advice questionnaire for tailored advice just for you.

If you've got a teenager (or are about to have one!) you'll know that starting their period can be a challenging time.

At Team Cheeky, we all have daughters. We understand. Our reusable period products for tweens and teens are designed to make this switch as EASY as possible. Menstrual cups, pads and tampons can be uncomfortable and tricky to use, especially at first.

How absorbent are your teen period undies?

We estimate that our regular flow period knickers will hold approximately two regular tampons worth of blood. Our heavy flow period undies will hold more, however we always recommend changing in line with your flow.

For *most* people on 'normal' days, they'll put a clean pair on in the morning and a fresh pair at bed time. On heavier days, they may decide to change when they get home from school / work. If you have heavier periods, choose the heavy flow options.

It's important to note that absorbency takes a few washes to build up - something to bear in mind!

How to wash teenager period pants?

To wash teenager period pants:

  • on removal, rinse in cold water to remove period blood (or soak in COLD water overnight)
  • wash with your normal washload, avoiding fabric softeners at a max temperature of 30c (warmer water sets stains)
  • air dry if possible

Need more advice? Still unsure what to buy?

First off, contact us, or try completing our period questionnaire. Simply answer a few questions and we'll give you completely tailored advice for your teen period pants uk and help with sizing etc.

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"Customer service is second to none. I really wish as an adult female I had taken the chance to try reusable period pants sooner. They have been an absolute game changer. I decided to get some to try out to help my teenage daughter have an easier time than I did with heavy periods and they have been amazing. We had a few issues getting the sizing right for her and the customer service team went above and beyond to call and help with recommendations and to sort the sizing for her. They were so knowledgeable and their suggestions were spot on. I wouldn’t consider going elsewhere after my experience. If you haven’t tried reusable period pants, take the plunge you won’t regret it! The nighttime freedom of feeling fearless heavy flow is worth it in itself." Kathy, Trustpilot Apr 2023