Reusable Make-up remover kits and pads

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Cheeky Wipes Eye Make up removal pads

Cheeky Wipes Eye Make up removal pads£12.95  (25)

Washable cloth eye make up removal pads

Cheeky Wipes Luxury Make up removal KIT

Cheeky Wipes Luxury Make up removal KIT£20.95  (112)

Washable cloth make up removal wipes kit

Cheeky Wipes Make up removal KIT - bamboo cotton

Cheeky Wipes Make up removal KIT - bamboo cotton£24.95  (11)

Washable cloth make up removal wipes kit - bamboo & cotton

Cheeky Wipes Make up removal pads - exfoliating

Cheeky Wipes Make up removal pads - exfoliating£9.95  (7)

Washable cloth make up removal pads - exfoliating

Cheeky Wipes Make up removal pads - Luxury

Cheeky Wipes Make up removal pads - Luxury£6.95  -  £12.95  (127)

Washable cloth make up removal pads

Hot cloth cleanser gift set

Hot cloth cleanser gift set£24.95  -  £28.95  (8)

Washable cloth make up removal pads gift set to cleanse and polish

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Featured Reviews
A revelation
Thursday, 15 August 2019  |  Alis

These are the best. Comfortable, silky, a little bit sexy. Super absorbent, but not bulky at all. Easy to wash. Easy to wear. I love them. And zero irritation from nasty plastics or chemicals. Win win.

Plastic free comfort
Thursday, 15 August 2019  |  Alis

Amazing!! Silky, not bulky and so so comfortable. These are a true revelation! I am a convert! Easy to wash. Just amazing x

Fresh as a daisy
Thursday, 15 August 2019  |  Alis

Comfortable, pretty and plastic free! No irritation and they feel lovely and soft. Perfect for everyday use. Easy to wear and wash. Super fast drying time.

Game changer
Monday, 5 August 2019  |  Natalie

I hate wearing pads, but because of my insomnia I can't wear tampons at night as I have irregular sleep times.

I bought a pair last month to try and ended up washing every day and wearing the entire period. I have ordered 3 more now! So comfy for nighttime when you need to relax.

So simple, could have used from birth
Friday, 2 August 2019  |  Roisin

I waited until my baby was 10 weeks before ordering these, thinking that they'd be too tricky for the crazy early weeks. It took me all of 2 minutes to set up and we haven't used a wet wipe since. If anything this is easier than wet wipes - just a trip to the washing machine between sets, rather than the shop. I'd highly recommend this to everyone from birth: cheeky wipes take out all the headaches for a pleasant, fragrant, quick and eco change.

So easy to make the switch!
Monday, 15 July 2019  |  Rachel

I am so glad I got the full kit with a mix of cotton and minkey style pads, it gave me a chance to experiment with the different options and decide which worked best for me. It also made moving over to reusables so easy as I had everything I needed on hand to get going, At the same time I also purchased a double wet bag and a 3 pack of period pants. Having only used these items for one period so far, I did still have to use a disposable pad because I hadn't factored in the washing and drying time, but I'll know better next time. So far, I have washed on a separate cold wash and they've all come up perfectly clean and ready to go again. The t-tree drops to go in the mucky box is a nice touch and helps keep everything fresh smelling between washes. My only struggle with the move to reusable sanitary products was being able to find somewhere discrete to rinse pads when not at home, when I wasn’t able to do this I dropped the pad in my travel bag anyway and made sure to give it a really good soak, and some stain remover, as soon as possible and they’ve been fine.

Monday, 15 July 2019  |  Laura

These pants have made my period something to look forward to. They are just so comfortable and put my mind at ease.

Life changing!
Thursday, 20 June 2019  |  Charlotte

Well, I'm never going back to single use menstrual products. Ever. I bought these in a size 6-8 (I'm a really borderline 8-10) and although they said 4-6 on the underwear when they arrived, they fit perfectly - so definirely follow the advice and go a size down.
They do feel like bikini bottoms, but that's fine! They're not heavy in anyway, and in absolutely no way are they detectable under gym clothes, let alone jeans.

Leaks?! What leaks? I put these to the ultimate test: I wore one pair, without taking any spare, to work on my heaviest day. This meant I wore the pair from 6am until I got home and showered that night at 8.30pm. On my heaviest day. Absolutely no smell, absolutely no leak. Yes, by about 6.45pm they felt abit wet, but not really uncomfortable, I was just aware they needed changing. But I'd already gone over the recommended 12 hours by then anyway!

One thing i would say is don't wash these on a cold wash - I washed them separately in a cold wash halfway through my cycle (I didnt buy enough to cover my whole week as I was meant to be a test) and they did stain. When I put them through with the rest of y2k washing on a 30c wash, they came out good as new. But like others have said, they do take a while to dry. Not a problem in the summer, but as they don't tumble dry, you'd need a full set to get you through the week in the winter as they do take a couple days to air dry.

All in all, I recommend them to anyone who will listen! Comfortable, cheaper than competitors, do exactly what they promise to, and no more menstrual products going to landfill! Result!

Great product
Saturday, 15 June 2019  |  Eleanor

I bought these for my daughter who is 13 and was finding pads awful and tampons impossible. She lives them! No leaks, no slipping or sticking or discomfort. Definitely follow the advice to size down. She's a 6-8 and the 4-6 fit perfectly. They wash well and dry fairly quickly. I'll definitely be buying here some more so that I don't have to be quite so on it with the wash cycle.

Great product
Saturday, 15 June 2019  |  Eleanor

Great product, great price. The advice to size down is good. I'm a 16-18 usually but bought the 14-16 which fit perfectly. My periods are not mega heavy but I found I wanted to change them in the middle of the first day. After that one pair at night and one in the day worked fine. I only bought three pairs to try but I'll be buying more so I don't have to be quite so on top of the wash cycle. Best of all, I haven't thrown anything away. I will be recommending them to everyone I know!