Looking for reusable sanitary pads and not sure which fabric is best?

We understand that making the move to reusable period protection can be a bit overwhelming, but don't worry!

We've put together this handy table so you can see at a glance which of our pads is your perfect fit. Please note that although our Fearless pads are labelled for incontinence use, you can absolutely use them for heavy periods too. All patterned pads have the plain side towards the body.

Type of Pad Material Thickness Absorbency/Protection Suitability for Periods Suitability for Incontinence Additional Info  
Cotton Ultra Pads Cotton:
Natural material. Tends to be cooler to wear. 
Thinner if you prefer a more discreet pad, poppered with wings

Less likely to move around as the cotton material helps it to stay in place.

Absorbency improves with washes/use.
Bamboo Plush Pads Bamboo/Microfleece:
Manmade material. The microfibre core means they are more absorbent.
Thicker softer pad, great for use postpartem, poppered with wings.

Bamboo has a natural antibacterial quality which allows your skin to breathe, reducing the risk of yeast infections or discomfort.
Incontinence Fearless Pads Brushed cotton top:
For fast absorption, natural, breathable material against the skin.

Natural cotton core:
To prevent compression leaks and maximise capacity without bulk. 
Our slimmest pad 

Additional tab to grip means opening the poppers is easy, even if you struggle with your grip.

Reversible for those who are sitting or lying down the majority of the time.



Is this your first foray into reusable period protection? 
Check out our 90 day Trial Policy.


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