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Using reusable wipes in childcare settings

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Here's 250,000 reasons for YOUR childcare setting to get involved!

More and more childcare settings are making the switch to reusable wipes whether they provide wipes, or families provide wipes.  It's great that you're considering getting on board and recognise there’s a simple alternative for your setting, staff and children in your care that will have tons of benefits for all:

  • Cleaning up is quicker and easier (and you need far fewer!)

  • No chemicals mean they’re much gentler for your little ones skin 

  • Big money savings to spend on more things that matter

  • Kinder to the environment as they help us reduce single use plastics

  • Encourages independence and helps to teach our little ones about ‘self-care’ which is part of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum 

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One recent happy customer at a nursery chain has gone from buying 250,000 wipes a year across all their sites to now just buying top ups of the essential oil soaking solutions!  Aside from the eco-benefits, that's a cost saving of between £3000 and £5000 a year, depending on the wipes you use!  Take a look at our childcare & nursery setting starter kit.


Childcare settings where settings provide wipes

If wipes are provided as part of the fee, here's our guide to switching at your setting and seeing BIG savings

Childcare settings where families provide wipes

We know in lots of settings, wipes are personal preference and provided by the families but there are still ways to encourage the switch

Benefits of reusable wipes

Choosing to go reusable is EASY but it'll also save you £££s, be kinder to skin and do your bit for our Blue Planet too

FAQ's about switching to reusable wipes in childcare settings

Any and every question you can think of we've answered (or experienced ourselves) over the years.

Letters to parents in childcare settings to help switch to reusable wipes

If you're ready to go, we've created some letters for you to send out to your parent community.

Questionnaire to help nurseries switch to reusable wipes

Paula is our expert in childcare, answer a few questions, she'll give you a tailored response as to what you need for your setting!