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Reusable Wipes in Childcare settings - FAQ's


Do you have washing facilities on site?

It’s best if you have washing machines on site so the wipes can be washed during the day or each evening. The white cotton can be washed up to 60 degrees and the rainbow cotton up to 40 degrees. You can wash the wipes with any sheets, bedding etc that the children may use throughout the day.

Do you have drying facilities on site?

The wipes can be tumbled dried and this is the best way to get them dried overnight ready for the next day. (Tumble drying also helps keep your wipes clean and fresh as you are essentially heating your wipes beyond the temperature that bacteria can endure). However, if you don’t have a tumble dryer, a socktopus (or something similar) is a fab way to air dry the wipes. Also, if you are running low and they are not quite dry, you can use them straight into the fresh box.

How many reusable wipes will you need for nappy changes?

You’ll need to work out how many little ones in nappies you have, how often they are changed and how many changing stations you have. This will help you work out how many wipes/kits you’ll need. Eg 20 children in nappies, changing 3 x per day = 60 wipes per day for nappy changing

How many cloth wipes will you need for hands and faces/snacks/meals?

As above with nappy changes, work out how many 'wiping occasions' there are during the day and multiply that by the number of sticky hands and faces. Eg 40 children, 3 meals + 1 snack per day = 160 wipes per day.  Our wipes can also be used for cleaning up after painting or messy play so you may want to allow some for this too

How can I use reusable wipes whilst using the outside area or on a trip out?

Our wipes can easily be made up in the fresh box and then a stash put into a handy wet bag which stores the wet wipes ready for use. Used wipes can be placed in an additional wet bag or one of our large pail liners or large wet bag (depending on how many children) and then put in the machine when you come back inside.