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Reusable Cotton Sanitary Pads

The fabrics used in our pants and pads, do not contain PFOS, PFOA or 'antimicrobial silver'. Read our blog for further information.

No more ripping, rustling, peeling! Our cotton sanitary pads are discreet, slim and best of all, washable! These have been one of our bestselling reusable products since we launched them 8 years ago.

Not sure what type of cloth pad will suit you best? Take a peek at our comparison table to see what each of our pads is best at.

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Reusable Panty Liners - Cotton
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Luxury Cotton Pads - Period & Pee proof Day Pads
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Cotton Cloth Reusable Period & Pee Pads for Night or Maternity
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Organic Cotton Sanitary Pad - Regular, non-slip
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Cheeky Fearless Heavy pad - 33cm for moderate incontinence
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Medium Cotton Pads for Incontinence - 28cm Minivivi Prints
Medium Cotton Pads for Incontinence - 28cm Minivivi Prints
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Cheeky cotton period pads are perfect for light to regular flow and mild bladder leaks.

They're also cruelty free as they're tested on humans, not animals. If you'd like to find our more about how Cheeky Products are tested, we've got a great blog here!

Not sure what type of cloth pad will suit you best? Take a peek at our comparison table to see what each of our pads is best at.

Organic reusable sanitary pads

Our plastic free organic cotton period pads and liners are suitable for sensitive skin. Free from chlorine bleach, these reusable period pads are perfect for everything from use as daily liners, right through medium flow to maternity pads.

"Great pads. Really soft and great quality. Not my first and won’t be my last. Love products from cheeky wipes and always rave about the products to friends and family. " Fiona Via Trustpilot

Organic Cotton Sanitary Pads

Kirstin, our customer services 'queen' of pads, reckons that our black non-slip organic cotton pads are super absorbant, brilliant for heavy flow. They're also super soft!

That's because they're made up of layers of fine cotton which traps wetness both in the fabric and between layers. They also have a non-slip surface which stops them sliding in your knickers.

"The cheeky wipe reusable period pads are great and nice not to be contributing to landfill. The pads wash well and dry in no time on a radiator.

I will never go back to using disposable period products. They do cost a bit to buy but think of saving over the years as you can reuse cheeky wipe period pads again and again." Elaine, via Trustpilot

Washing your Organic Cotton Sanitary Pads

If you haven't tried washable menstrual pads or reusable period products before, the most important thing to remember is to wash in water less than 30c. Washing at 40c or above will 'set' the bloodstain. Avoid fabric softeners too as these can impact the absorbency over time. Full washing & care instructions for your reusable period pads.

Need more help?

Head on over to our FAQ's page or complete our questionnaire for tailored advice from the lovely Kirstin. Or if you'd like to do some more research, we have a wealth of advice in our blogs, including:

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