Pick up this seasons muff haves’ with a cracking pair of period knickers or period pant

If you're looking for period pants in the UK, or period underwear in the UK, this is the place to buy! Our expert team can give advice on period underwear & reusable period protection.

Our vegan certified eco friendly period knickers come in a range of styles and sizes.  We guarantee that you'll stay feeling dry even on heavier days or with heavy periods. Our period products are all super soft.  They'll absorb your period easily on medium flow or heavy flow days, leaving you leak free.  They're perfect period pants for teens and tweens because they're simply different knickers that you wear on your period.  No faffing with disposable pads!

Reusable Period Kits

Suitable from your first period through to pregnancy, we have a kit for everyone…

High-Waisted Period Pants

Our high waisted pants are perfect if you're looking for some extra security.

Mid-Rise Period Pants

Whether you're feeling Sassy, Pretty or Free we have a mid-rise style for you.

Low-Rise Period Pants

Our low-rise period pants are perfect for sports, teens and tweens!

Period Swimwear

Looking for period swimwear UK? Try our period swimwear & period swimming costumes the leak free, eco alternative


Cheeky Pants - the Best Period Pants UK

Cheeky Pants were developed by the Cheeky Wipes team who have been specialising in 'Simple Reusables Alternatives' since 2008.

After having children, Helen our founder realised that tampons etc just weren't working for her any longer. This lead her on a mission to create comfortable, absorbent reusable menstrual products.

'Period pants have been a game changer for me since having kids!

I love the last lot pants I bought wash well and will be buying more I’m sure.' Natalie, Oct 2021

The range started with reusable sanitary pads and washable panty liners in 2014. Helen then realised that there was a gap in the market for period panties in the UK.

So in 2017, we launched the Cheeky Pants range of reusable period pants. Their moisture wicking properties and high absorbency has made them a hit with customers who regularly call them 'game-changing'.

'Game changing! I shall definitely be building a stash. I was sceptical but it was so much comfier and easier than regular products.

Delivery was super quick and the sizing was great. Thank you :)' HF, Dec 2021

The range has expanded as customers asked for more styles of period pants. The high waisted versions were followed by period pants for teends and tweens and a very popular period thong.

Our period knickers hold up to two tampons worth of blood. This means you can wear by themselves, or as a back up to menstrual cups, sanitary towels or panty liners.

'These are seriously, seriously game-changing pants!

Having been a period-pants cynic for a while, I took the plunge and I'm so glad I did. These pants bring a new level of flexibility and freedom to my life.

They're super comfortable and discreet but secure. Absolutely love them. Never going back to landfill-clogging disposable products.' Beth, Dec 2021

If you're unsure how to wash period pants, it's actually really simple. Soaking in cold water beforehand is optional but does help minimise staining. Squirt with stain remover and then cold water wash in the washing machine. Easy!

Why buy Cheeky Pants? Unlike High St brands, we've got a team of experts on hand to help you make the switch.

'Excellent company. I’ve ordered from Cheeky Wipes several times over the last 2 years and every order has arrived quickly and has been nothing short of perfect.

I had a query last year so emailed the company and got a reply back straight away which was both professional and answered my question.

I now have a full range of their period pants which are fantastic - it’s taken my period to something I would dread every month to something I now hardly notice.

If you’re thinking of trying period pants I’d recommend Cheeky Wipes ones as I’d tried a few other well known makes and found they leaked a bit and left me feeling a bit damp and self conscious but these are a real game changer, no leaks, dampness or smell- I can just forget I even have my period! ' Emma, Sept 2021

They team use period knickers and reusable sanitary pads themselves. They've also got teenage children so can give great advice on period pants for yourself or period knickers for your teen.

Nothing is TMI. whether it's clots, flooding, endometriosis or parents looking for period protection for children with sensory difficulties, we can help.

Great quality goods, the pants are for my daughter who has started her periods at primary. They save so much embarrassment and remembering at that age. No leaks, she loves the freedom. Comfortable to wear. Easy to wash. Wish they were around a long time ago. Get some, they won't disapoint!Melanie, Dec 21

We're really passionate about helping our customers ditch disposable sanitary products.

Need help on reusable sanitary products or want to know how period underwear works? Head on over to our questionnaire for a personalized recommendation from Team Cheeky!

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